Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (full length movie 2011)

Peter Joseph third movie in Zeitgeist. The official Zeitgeist Moving Forward takes on the human behaviour, the economic system and finally the solution with everything, the Venus project.
Realeased on 27-28th of January 2011. The final full movie in the Zeitgeist documentary, conspiracy. The follow up on Zeitgeist addendum.

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  1. What has this got to do with UFO&#39;S? <br />The footage of a skinned alive animal blinking at the camera was very upsetting. WTF!

  2. That&#39;s what I thought…what the hell does Zeitgeist have to do with UFOs?? Probably some slave making the two connect on Google with this stupid page.<br /><br />Look at the horrible design, with all of the crap all over the place…it reminds me of Geocities back in the 90&#39;s. What a true turd of the internet.

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