C2C: UFO Congress Special 24-Feb-2011

UFO Congress Special 
Coast to Coast AM
Thursday, 24th February 2011

Joining George Noory on Thursday’s show, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented guests live from the KFYI studio in Phoenix, who were attending the International UFO Congress this weekend (starting with part 4). First up was ufologist Stanton Friedman who talked about being a presenter at the Saudi Arabia Competitiveness Forum that had a keynote address by former U. S. President Bill Clinton. At the Forum, Friedman participated in a panel about the search for other life in the universe with Michio Kaku, Nick Pope, and Jacques Vallee. The panelists each expressed different takes on the ET question, with Friedman arguing we’re being visited from other planets, and how this has been covered-up in a ‘Cosmic Watergate.’
Author and researcher Jim Marrs spoke about his investigation into the “mystery missile launch” off the southern California coast on Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, videotaped by a news helicopter. The US govt. backed the story that the picture recorded was simply an aircraft leaving a contrail, which he finds preposterous. Linda pointed out that Hillary Clinton commented that the missile could be a show of force by China. Marrs engaged remote viewer Lyn Buchanan to target the incident, and he viewed it as a missile launched from a submarine as a test to see if it could be tracked by radar (though he didn’t identify its source).
Appearing with Linda for the third hour, Travis Walton discussed his dreams of blond humanoids that have occurred since his abduction in 1975. The dreams, he surmised, showed glimpses of what happened to him during his 5-day abduction aboard the UFO. He first saw ‘marshmallow’-like beings wearing red jumpsuits, then a human-looking blond male came in, who had coarse blond hair, and strange gold eyes that might have been artificial. Later, he interacted with a group of similar-looking blonds. It’s possible that the blonds brought him back to life, after his injury from the UFO’s beam, he added. Some of this material along with additional illustrations is included in a new edition of his book, Fire in the Sky.
During the last hour, Linda spoke about her new report that dispersants released during the BP spill may be slowly killing off sea life in the area, and she, Stanton, Jim, and Travis took calls from the listeners.
Misguided Laws:
First hour guest, attorney Jonathan Emord shared updates on the combined efforts of the FDA & FTC to suppress dietary supplements, as well as a plan to replace all incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) by 2012. This mandate is misguided, he said, as CFLs contain mercury that is toxic if a bulb breaks.

Note: All parts of the radio show are avaliable in this player below!

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