Interesting video of UFO flying over Dallas, Texas 20-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesitng new UFO video of huge unknown bright object flying across the sky over Fort Worth in Dallas, Texas. This footage was recorded on Sunday, 20th February 2011 at 7:16 pm.
Did you notice this increase of UFO sightings in United States in the last couple of days? What is going on? Leave your comments below, if you have a theory!

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  1. Thats crazy!! I have said it many times, these objects seem to do whatever it pleases without any confrotation at all. While we are trying to figure if they are real or not, they are flying all across our skies. Eventually, there will be more sightings of landings,it is only a matter of time I to this footage!!

  2. I saw something like this on june 21st, i was outside for the solstice and heading to my car when i saw the same object as you did.I thought was a plane but it had no body and made no sound, my friend saw it too. I ran to the house yelled at the ladies and we all ran outside, i think some were perplexed , ironically enough the "spiritual" teacher insisted it was a satellite. As in your

  3. Hello, i agree with you, there is a lot , way too much UFO sightings lately…. I read a book recently "Challenges of Change" in that book there is a lot of predictions and one of them is about UFO sightings. I highly recommend this book, if you believe in aliens from other planets.

  4. Don't really know what is going on, but i think there is something going on. Either some People are doing a joke to all of us from a clan or something or it's real. I hope it's real so we can get contact to one of these things.

  5. Uh, yes, actually the ISS is always as bright, and as big. Through night vision, things get amplified– things like light. That means that when you're seeing them on a crappy camcorder video on the internet after the fact, it's probably going to look different than what it looked like in real life. Also, it's going to be hard to really see what is going on. I look at this shit all

  6. I have never seen a ufo.I don't know anyone who has seen a ufo.I do believe that in spite of that the evidence is overwhelming to support the presence of these craft.I am not convinced that all that we see are of an extraterrestrial origin.I also believe that there are persons on this planet in contact with whatever intelligence controls the craft that we witness that are possibly

  7. maybe there will be another volcanic eruption or earthquake in one or more of these regions these ufos are being seen. Also, the ISS doesnt move around that fast, & is way further out.

  8. Pause the video as it passes in front of the power lines…not behind them…there is no doubt that UFO&#39;s are present….why do people insist on creating these fakes…most frustrating and completely unwanted!<br /><br />Please someone prove me wrong, could it be that the refresh rate of the camera set to night vision is different? Which is causing the light to appear in front of solid

  9. Its ISS, its already been confirmed you zealots ! For crying out load it flew over at the same time, same direction. I talked the guy who shot the video. It is ISS at it was a magnitude -3.0 which is very bright and the brigtest in the night sky. Second closest to being that bright its the planet Venus.

  10. From left field. I am a Christian and I believe Christ is coming back soon.<br /><br />When Christian&#39;s are taken to heaven &quot;raptured&quot; something will be needed to explain their sudden disappearance. UFO&#39;s might just fit the bill.<br /><br />So many events in the world right now line up exactly with the prophecy that was provided thousands of years ago.<br /><br />You and I

  11. For me this is a real ufo. It does not seem like a space station. When the satelites fly they look as blue stars with an slow walk at high altitude, but here it´s different. If you see in the front there is something strange like an arrowhead. Good video. Luis from Argentina.

  12. I saw something very similar to this a few weeks ago on the east coast of australia, bright orange light travelling WNW to ESE, approx 2 minutes from horizon to horizon. It appeared to be in a very low orbit and was far too bright to be a satelite, not to mention it was at 11pm (probably too late to reflect the suns rays at such a low orbit??). Interesting.

  13. there is not a new amount of UFO&#39;s appearing now, just the amount of people bothering with vid cams and opinions to express about sightings have changed…same amount of UFO&#39;s, more people sharing.

  14. Anyone of you have heard what supposedly happened last night in san antonio? <br />People say they saw a big light in the sky and couple of minutes after, 5 army helicopter started flying around that light.<br />and suddenly it disappeared!<br />I dont know if its true, but people is talking too much about it,and i cant find info or anything on the web!

  15. It&#39;s not the ISS, it&#39;s too big..i&#39;ve seen it fly over numerous times, and has the appearance of a moving star.. if the ISS size appears larger, i would think the stars&#39; size would as well

  16. I don&#39;t believe this is the ISS, simply because it is changing course- very subtly- but still detectable in the video. The ISS is on a set trajectory and cannot make such quick changes to its flight pattern. I believe this UFO deserves a great deal more investigation.

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