Poll #20: Why do you think SETI has so far not found long extraterrestrial radio signals?

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Poll #20: Why do you think SETI has so far not found long extraterrestrial radio signals?

Start Date: Monday, February 28, 2011
End Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Poll #19: What causes UFO reports?

Alien ships: 66%
Government projects: 43%
Misperceptions of ordinary objects: 33%
Interdimensional or time travelers: 34%
Undiscovered natural phenomena: 27%
Non-human intelligence native to Earth: 33%

Start Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011
End Date: Monday, February 28, 2011
Total voters: 1008

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  1. SETI has so far not found long extraterrestrial radio signals?<br /> Do we know the question to be true? Based upon the way information is given to the public it wouldn&#39;t shock me one bit if SETI was already working with such signals. Information sharing is pretty peculiar these days.

  2. There are two possibilities: the first was well expressed by &quot;Anonymous&quot; (Feb. 28, 9:37 pm) who confirms what Noble, in his book &quot;The Eerie Silence&quot;, strongly implies; that the reception of a signal and the decoding of it are two quite distinct events. It goes without saying that SETI would be unlikely to publicize the mere reception of an alien signal before understanding it.

  3. The sightings of ufo thruoghout world proves the aliens or other living creaters are exist.They are more interligent than the humankind

  4. most people think that ufo&#39;s are fake because they dont have real proof that aliens have came to earth…if an aliens came to our earth and died and then we found the ufo we would jnow that they are real

  5. Regarding why SETI has failed to establish any sort of contact? How &#39;bout they don&#39;t want to talk to us, on account of we are so primitive/hostile? I mean, for God sakes – isn&#39;t it kind of obvious? We can&#39;t even get along with ourselves. We have nuclear weapons proliferating at an alarming rate. We are destroying the resources on which we depend for life itself. It seems fairly

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