UFO fleet was seen and recorded by many witnesses in the sky over Mexico 5-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This UFO fleet was seen and recorded by many in the sky over central Mexico in cities Distrito Federal and Atlixco. All 3 videos were recorded on Saturday, 5th February 2011.

Distrito Federal, Mexico

Calzada de Tlalpan, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Atlixco, Mexico

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  1. Google Chinese lanterns,and lED balloons may be what these were,maybe not.Now show me some lights doing some tricky maneuvers and I will say you caught something unusual.

  2. Alright guys/gals just because you see DOTS in the sky doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s automatically a UFO think about it….why would UFO&#39;s just glide over a city? There&#39;s really no point behind it, and they&#39;re just going in one direction….probably following the wind?<br /><br />Explainable

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