Unknown lights were seen and recorded over Boston in Massachusetts 21-Feb-2011

UFO video 2011 – New footage of unknown flashing lights hovering in the night sky over Mission Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. This was taken on Monday, 21st February 2011 at 1:55 am.

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  1. NOT FAKE! I saw it myself this evening… Feb 22, 2011 …. in Charlton, MA<br />I saw it about 6:30 pm on my way home from school. I have seen the stealth plane and thought maybe it&#39;s that…but I remembered there was a sound. So, I pulled my car over and shut down everything…NO NOISE! It was moving too slow to be a helicopter. And as low as it was I should have heard it if there was sound

  2. I saw something similar in Chelsea,ma first it was a bright light then orange ones, cannot believe it. It was like 1245am and I was outside having a ciggarate and my fiance and mom saw it. First the bright light it was dim at first then as it vertically flew up it got brighter and brighter then was gone. After that there were orange lights 3 of them and I caught one on camera but it didnt come

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