UFO on live TV report from Lybia, March 2011

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown bright flying object was recorded hovering in the sky (no fly zone) during live TV report from Lybia. This was recorded recently in March 2011.
Author’s comment: Before we start right off a quick story on how I spotted it. Wathing TV hearing about all the rash in Lybia our reported from Holland was doing his thing there. This is what I recorded off screen. This is what I saw.
If you can tell me what it is, be my guest. This was recorded off RTL4 TV.

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  1. well it looks unidentified but is it from out of town just don't know enough about this sighting so its open mind time yet again.

  2. this could be a ufo, or, military hardware that we dont yet know about, some short of ariel spy drone controlled by computors like the attack drones. I would like to think it is from another planet, lets face it , they cant be any worse than humans, may even be a lots better. If they are up there they seem harmless enough weve not yet been attacked by one, and if they are travelling threw

  3. RTL4 TV,probable advanced form of TR-3Bwith better front+rear lights,as object hovers then scans area like a gyro repeater,nice cloak effect,cool to see detail of shape,sort of a pie shape with several upper+rear air dividers.they can say they on TV.

  4. hey,<br /><br />i saw something very similar last night here in Aberdeen Uk at 3 in the morning. the light although was more yellow than white like in this video,<br /><br />it kept on disappering but moved similarly as the thing in your vid, but much slowlier. i saw this thing come up 3 4 times in a range of 45 minutes.

  5. with out knowing what the back ground looks like it may very well be a road high up on a hill and car head lamps as cars round a bend… or something else.

  6. Given that it is dark, could it possibly be car headlights travelling around a corner on a hill behind the reporter? Without knowing the reporter&#39;s location its difficult to investigate.

  7. I know some sightings are real, and some are not, some are even secret military craft, the one&#39;s that are real, are called, Celestial Lights. <br /><br />Checkout James 1:17 You will see what I mean. all the scriptures relating to these Lights are at newcreationstudio7.blogspot.com under Messiah. They are a sign of the times we all live in.

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