C2C: Area 51 Secrets and UFO Investigations 29-May-2011

Area 51 Secrets and UFO Investigations
Radio Coast to Coast AM
Sunday, 29th May 2011
Guests: Annie Jacobsen, Richard Lang

Area 51 Secrets:

Investigative reporter Annie Jacobsen ( book link) had exclusive access to nineteen men who served at the covert military installation, Area 51. She joined George Knapp in the first half of Sunday’s program to discuss what she uncovered – from the testing of nuclear weapons to super secret spy planes. She learned that a recovered Soviet MiG was brought to Groom Lake, where the fighter jet was reverse engineered, and then tested in mock battles.
Jacobsen’s most controversial reportage surrounds the testimony of an anonymous Area 51 source, who told her that the 1947 Roswell wreckage of a disc-shaped craft was brought to the base, and was of Soviet origin. Further, the craft contained child-sized aviators who’d been deformed in some manner to make them appear other-worldly, possibly through genetic experiments conducted by Mengele. The project was masterminded by Stalin, who was interested in spreading “black propaganda” and a kind of “War of the Worlds” hoax that the US might perceive as a warning shot across the bough, she explained.
UFO Investigations:
In the latter half, Richard Lang, Director of ARIRA (Aerospace Research Investigation Reporting Agency), talked about his investigation of UFOs. His new agency, ARIRA, is composed of a set number of investigators who privately investigate incidents of great interest. He detailed several fascinating UFO cases, including a 2009 North Carolina sighting of a large translucent black triangle. When the witness shined a bright spotlight on the craft, a bluish light came down on him, and he suffered sunburn-like burns where the light hit.
In an incident at the Houston International Airport, several pilots reported seeing a huge orange orb-type object that was approaching the airport while they were taxiing on the runway, Lang shared. An episode above the Louisville Airport runway, involving a rotating diamond & cylinder-shaped object, was hushed up, he added.

Note: All parts of the radio show are avaliable in this player below!

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  1. i just listened to the whole show… recomended to everyone!<br />really interesting! some interesting new stuff about area 51

  2. Hello. Thank you for all the work you&#39;ve done,George Knapp.(The Solviet &#39;47 Roswell info doesn&#39;t jive,but thanks.)SPECIAL TOP SECRET MESSAGE:Area 51 had jets from Las Vegas,NV that chartered workers to and fro.One of them had a friend I talked to in person.[this is TOP SECRET]The conversation went,:— my friend was found dead on a mound of rocks,in the desert.He didn&#39;t have a

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