Cigar-shaped UFO over Chicago, Il? 11-May-2011

UFO 2011 – This video of strange cigar-shaped look like object was recorded hovering in the sky above Chicago in Illinois on Wednesday, 11th May 2011.

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  1. It's not clear enough to make a positive ID. Yes, the shape is roughly the "cigar-shaped" UFO type, but the light visible throughout the sky during the video make me wonder if it isn't some weird sunlight reflection off a cloud. It is interesting in lieu of the O'Hare airport sighting a few years ago, which is much harder to explain away.

  2. you told your kids what it was…"nothing….. a cloud" This is not UFO. It's Identified…NOT Flying….Not Object—rather, sunlight refracted through clouds. Pretty sky, though

  3. good video, did you notice how the sky lights up like lightening every now and then, sky looks oppresive, almost as if some else is hiding…like something bigger! If we can hide from radar, why cant they. One day we shall wake up and find mother ships all over the world. They are here, and all i see is more and more sightings showing up all over the world.

  4. it is interesting that the sun is in the other place, so that shining through that object couldn't be a sun!

  5. thats what i saw on Wednesday 22,2011 ant 9:02. i got a glimpse at it before disappearing and changing coloers with the sky. i was amazed to see it for 5 seconds

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