UFOs Above Finland Increasing

May 13, 2011 – Finland has two major Unidentified Flying Object research centers, one being Finnish UFO Research Association (also called FUFORA) and the other being UFO Finland. In the past two years more than 300 reports of UFO sightings have been reported. This is an increase in sightings from previous years that both institutions have noted. While both institutions find that a majority of reports to be explainable phenomena such as the trail and lights of an airplane, space junk or meteors, or something so simple as a smudge on the lens of a camera or a telescope, they can not as easily explain all of the sightings.
Ahonen, a Finnish UFOlogist for 46 years, says that one must keep all possibilities in mind and be open to them, that it takes more than a photograph to convince him that an Unidentified Flying Object is anything more than an easily explainable phenomena. He continues to say that for the most part UFOs are typically just lights moving strangely in the sky, which is what makes them difficult to identify. Keeping that in mind he likes to have information on where the UFO was sighted, the approximate time, a photograph, and any other information that can be given. This makes ruling out possibilities a bit easier.
There is some question as to what the Finnish Air Force sees or does not see that has caused divided opinions among UFO enthusiasts. There are those that believe the Finnish Air Force has records of UFOs that they haven’t shared with the public, and there are those that believe the Finnish Air Force would not and does not hide that sort of information. Björn Borg of FUFORA says he believes that the Air Force is not keeping anything from the Finnish people, while Ahonen thinks it likely that they do have information and simply are not sharing it and he goes on to say that he thinks they are behind the time in keeping this information to themselves. The Chief Public Information Official Joni Malkamäki says the Air Force does check up on sightings, but finds them mostly to be light phenomena, and states that no one in the Air Force has seen a UFO.

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