Strange lights and UFOs over Fort Worth in Texas 12-May-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This flashes were recorded in Fort Worth, Texas on 12th May 2011. Apparently a series of electrical transformers blew out after electrical storm. Interesting thing here is this UFO activity in the sky above, you can see a lot of unknown objects hovering in the sky.

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  1. I am not sure about any UFOs here,but wow what a light show!Looks like the power crew must of had a big job ahead of them.

  2. FIREBALLS?notBALLOoNS?msn+the other news site may 10,2011,that reported=Fort Worth"fireballs"cause transformers power outage at~forth worth~!maybe easier to print,to avoid controversy.

  3. It kinda looks like search lights or some kind of electrical current, it's very odd to say the least was there any thing on the local news in regards to this i wonder

  4. Showed this to my mom now, and she saw the same thing here in Bergen, Norway in 1994. This is an eletrical storm, as she countinues to tell me my sister was so certain it was a UFO but it was a thunderstorm that effected the main powercords over the area. But what a sight!

  5. We saw this as it happened. Local "authorities" claim that lightning was striking the transformers. While there were storms in the area, they had already passed, about 10-15 minutes prior. There was NO lightning and NO thunder (if their is lightning, you will hear thunder) The transformers continued to exploded heavily for maybe 10 minutes and then it all settled down but there were

  6. These are "lens flare" originating inside the camera from the very strong lights at the bottom of the picture. not UFOs

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