Local Ohio Man Captures UFO on Film over Lake Erie

May 2, 2011 – For over a century, people have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects or UFO’s. There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings all over the world with photos and videos to back up these claims; however, it has never been proven that these were indeed extra terrestrial. Although there are a few believers, there are more skeptics.
Michael Lee Hill is one of those few believers. He is a 39 year old UFO enthusiast and musician who live in Cleveland, Ohio. He has claimed to have authentic videos of UFOs he filmed over the last 4 years. He released a video of his recent sighting in Lake Erie, Ohio. He claims that the UFOs come closer every year and that he feels that they know he is filming them. A few people who also live in the area of Lake Erie, Ohio claim that the place is indeed a hotspot for UFO sightings.

Blinking lights overhead have been a common thing in the small suburb in Cleveland, Ohio where Lake Erie is. According to Bob Dean, a UFOlogist, there are a lot of portals or stargates all over the world and Lake Erie is one of them which explain why there are frequent UFO sightings in the area.

Last year, a team from the Cleveland UFOlogy Project tracked the lights after Fox 8 News showed similar lights hovering over Lake Erie. After doing research, the group has decided that the blinking lights were airplanes. Michael Lee Hill disagreed with them saying that the area is a no fly zone and with the recent sighting, he is more convinced that aliens do exist. Hopkins International Airport staffs have said that planes from US and Canada take off frequently over Lake Erie, so it is not impossible that the blinking lights may have come from the airplanes.
Some people believe him while others think that he faked the video just to stir up some publicity to promote his music, which he of course denies. His recent sighting was featured on the History Channel show, UFO Hunters. A UFO investigation team sent his video to a Hollywood Visual Expert and they said that the video has not been tampered with in any way. Still, people remain doubtful.
UFOs and the existence of Extra Terrestrials are quite interesting, but there has been no concrete proof that they do exist. Aside from blurry photos and unclear videos, it is hard to tell whether what is in the picture or video is indeed a UFO or just an aircraft or a satellite. Hopefully in the future, photos and videos of UFO sightings will be clearer and easier to identify. A clear image will probably convince more people to believe in the existence of aliens, with all this technology, it shouldn’t be hard to accomplish that, perhaps in the next year or two, the famous question, “are we alone in the universe?”, will finally be answered.

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  1. I would be interested to see this video in it&#39;s entirety, not just the 45 secs shown here, because this guy does not have a good track record of being a credible witness. There are two reasons for this:<br /><br />1. Michael Lee Hill claims that Lake Erie is a no-fly zone but this is not true. On the contrary, it is a very active flight zone. In addition to Cleveland Airport, hundreds of

  2. sorry but i think its just planes flying towards the camera, ive seen the same type of thing loads of times near the airbase my brother lives next to.

  3. Well we all know planes don&#39;t just hover, it costs too much money to waste time hanging in mid air without a mission. If it quacks like one it must be one. Or simply follow the sound, every plane emits them..but not these guys.

  4. Michael Lee Hill is not a very credible witness. He claims that Lake Erie is a no-fly zone but this is not true. On the contrary, it is a very active flight zone for airplanes taking off and landing at three busy airports including Cleveland Airport, Windsor International, and London(Canada) International. There is a small no-fly zone over Perry Nuclear plant, NE of Cleveland, but that&#39;s it.<

  5. MUFON did NOT prove they were &quot;just airplanes&quot; with a FAA radar report, only made that claim from the appearance. UFOs are repeatedly being claimed to have the same colored lights as our aircraft. Note: even the Rendlesham Forest triangle had some colored aircraft-type placement of lights and was in woods between 2 military bases — proving they are not intimidated by our military

  6. It was the Cleveland UFOlogy Project that determined these were airplanes, not MUFON, and they cross-referenced flight times with known flights and flight paths. Pretty simple.<br /><br />If UFOs mimic the appearance of airplanes, how can you tell the difference? Should I believe everyone who films an airplane and says it&#39;s a UFO?

  7. I don&#39;t care what anyone says…these are NOT airplanes coming at you. These are being noticed and filmed now all over the world. You have to give people some credit because they&#39;re not all that stupid to not know the obvious difference between a plane coming at you and these anomalous lights. Those that claim these to be just planes by only looking at a video is absolutely ridiculous and

  8. I&#39;ve been down to the lake multiple times with Michael Lee Hill and I&#39;ve seen these lights. I do believe a majority of these lights are airplanes coming and going from Cleveland Hopkins. Although, I will say that some of these lights he witnesses are not airplanes. At least nothing conventional that we are familiar with. <br /><br />On every occasion that I&#39;ve been to the lake

  9. there could be so many causes of that red light…airplanes…ufo&#39;s i guess we will never know….or will we?

  10. Its beleivable to me. I ve seen them over my house at night. I even had them follow me while driving. It dosent stop there but, until you experience it. You most likely wont believe it, or at least remain skeptical. Wake up and look up. It change my life. Also May of 2011 is when i had seen the most activity ever. I have not seen any activity like it since.

  11. It&#39;s true, remember the crop-circles, made by ufo&#39;s (they&#39;re shperes, rotation with ora lights caused by the differ. dimensins and circ. .Not suppose to talk about it!

  12. its just not over lake erie.i live in darke county ohio. i have seeing the same object. it will look like a star but it is not. it was bright moving normaley.i got a photo of it. i tried too vidoe tape it my self. but my phone wouldnt let me it was too darke.<br />when it went in the clouds it zig zagged. and it blinked in too red because it was in the clouds. it wasnt a plane it didnt make any

  13. so recently this summer I&#39;ve been seeing some lights in the sky that I think are ufo&#39;s. They seem to be really high up in the atmosphere, but not in space, and they have have a dim light that doesn&#39;t pulsate or blink.<br /><br />The first occasion where I was like 90% positive I saw two ufo&#39;s was on 4th of july this year in mentor ohio. When me and my friends were driving home

  14. ive seen lights over lake erie and several other spots. but lake erie was by far the strangest because when it happend all the little fish came to the surface and layes on their sides and started like,glowing. and even when i try to recallthat night its all hazy in my head

  15. My family and I were up there a few months ago and saw those, and there were four or five of them at a time, and they would move… it was crazy. I don&#39;t know what they are. Bright orange.

  16. I believe this guy 1000% I also saw a ufo and took a video of it on my phone. The orb of light I saw looks exactly like the one above! There is no way it was a plane because it was perfectly O shaped . It stayed at a constant speed, definitely was not a airplane and also the lights didn’t blink. I support this guy 100%!! By the way I too live in the cleveland area.

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