2 UFOs or Orbs hovering over Pennsylvania 21-Apr-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video of two UFOs or orbs hovering in the night sky over Pennsylvania was recorded on 21st April 2011.
Witness report: These ones didn’t morph They pick different spots that seem to be picked after a higher-flying craft scopes out the area from above for safety. This is why camping out in the woods DOES NOT WORK. They have to already be IN there for anyone to get closer, BUT since on several occasions we’ve witnessed the fast-moving meteor-like orbs whiz off into other patches of woods, it’s likely that unless they ALLOW you to get closer, it’s not going to happen.

BEGINNING OF VIDEO was filmed days later IN those woods they hang out in. Shot was not on top of hill. I will post the entire hike (minus the tick sucking on my stomach) hopefully soon. Like the other patches they’ve been seen coming out of — no evidence was found (although I don’t have a Geiger counter to check for radiation).

I HIGHLY recommend some quality night vision equipment to see them when invisible to human eyes (they don’t ‘disappear’ btw, just somehow shift into infrared spectrum our eyes can’t see well).

Yukon Night Ranger Binoculars (has VIDEO OUT jack to record) or BETTER night vision equipment. Good advice on additional UFO hunting/recording equipment can be found in forums on UFONV.com (run by UFONV on youtube — guy who inspired me to get some).
Author (seeingUFOsPA @ youtube)

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  1. Allison Kruse continues to film aircraft and claim they are UFOs. These woods are directly under a flight path in Pennsylvania. If you listen to this video with earphones you can actually hear the engine noise from these small airplanes. They&#39;re likely single engine Cessnas coming in for a landing. <br /><br />Here is a post from an old forum about her:<br /><br />Re: Allison Kruse?<br /><br

  2. Ha ha ha…Forrest Jamison er, I mean &quot;Rooster&quot; I&#39;m still laughing at you &amp; the dePUNKers&#39;, feeble attempts to discredit this worldwide-occurring phenomenon with disinfo, outright lies, and personal attacks against one person (whom you stalk incessantly), when there is SO MUCH OTHER EVIDENCE by way of UFO sighting reports of SAME kind, in 80+ DIFFERENT locations, BY OTHER

  3. Laugh all you want, I am only giving my opinion. As I&#39;ve said before, I believe in UFOs, I just don&#39;t believe THIS is proof. <br /><br />This is the only website I post on. The ability to comment and give my opinion on what I believe these sightings to be is the whole purpose of this website. Notice how they ask for your &quot;Opinion: Fake or Real?&quot; and provide a &quot;Comments&quot

  4. Laugh all you want, I don&#39;t expect anyone to take my word for it. I put my name before all of my comments so you don&#39;t have to read them. These are simply MY OPINIONS and people will believe what they want to believe.<br /><br />Personally, I believe in UFOs but I also believe that there are people out there who are willing to lie to convince others of this, or simply just to pull one

  5. Unless you thought the hacker deleted the only copy, you must be blind if you didn&#39;t see me REPOST IT on my channel. Of course, I can make more even if that happened, since I have the ORIGINAL DISK and paperwork. Anyone of credentialed background and not a stalking internet troll &#39;debunker&#39; can ask me for a copy — the rest can use the ID number from the REQUEST LETTER to obtain

    • I don&#39;t know, but it just seems unprofessional to assume that you know what these are when you really don&#39;t. Just report it and try to keep your limited opinions out of it. And what of the goofy music and commentary; it just comes off as lame. <br /><br />Why would a UFO from another planet or whatever, come here, fly around lit up like a Christmas tree? And if so why not just land

  6. I am a UFO Investigator in NJ. On April 9th at 7:30am. I saw these same two bright orange ufo&#39;s fly over the new veterans cemetary in Wasington Crossings Pa. They were NOT small Cessna&#39;s,helecopters or any plane of any sort. I&quot;ve been tracking these ufo&#39;s all over Pa.<br />If there is a independant ufo investigator in Murraysville, contact me at dstinnettusa at aol I&#39;d like

  7. I have also witnessed something like this video but it was a white light and it got really bright and then dimmed and I thought it was just my imagination but then it happened two more times before disappearing. It was a clear night and I pointed it out to my boyfriend who told me it was probably some kind of star dying in space. I&#39;m not really sure what to believe but I have never seen

  8. I live in Pa. 3 days befor the sighting the news station told us that the Space Station would pass and could be seen in the north sky. I saw it. It was the space station, not a UFO.

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