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Your UFO reports:  29th May – 4th June 2011
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South Side Des Moines, Iowa – 31st May 2011

I was Sitting on My front steps and I live by an airport I see a lot of airplanes but this was no airplane I’ve ever seen I stood still in one spot for ten minutes then slowly went higher in tha sky I tried to video tape this but when it got close my fone shut off and u can’t see anything in the video and it was really bright but it was so close to the ground and like I said I see a lot of airplanes nothing ever gets that close to the ground it was triangle in shape had light at each tip and it didn’t make much of a sound when it flew over my house almost like a soft humming sound it was like nothing I’ve seen in my life time
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Coombabah, Gold Coast, Australia – 31st May 2011

t approximately 7:30pm last night myself and a friend were walking home from a friends house. When we came to the river not far from my house we noticed a flying object projecting a beam of light in front of it. It was flying too fast to be a helicopter, and its flight path was too irregular to be a plane. it was soon joined by another of the same description, minus the beam of projected light. both objects could be seen clearly even though it was a dark night and quite cloudy. within moments a third joined them. they continued flying for a few seconds before stopping dead still, and moving to form a triangle in the sky. for a while there was no movement, and only the lights on the outside of the objects could be seen, occasionally quite brightly and occasionally quite dim. one of the ! objects started to drop quite slowly until it disappeared behind the trees on one of the islands in the river, only to quickly resurface moments later quite quickly. once again, the object was rising too quickly to be a helicopter and there are no planes in my area that can fly straight up and down. the other other two then copied this movement at individual times and the movement was repeated by them several times each over the next five or ten minutes. they then went in separate directions and within a few moments could no longer be seen. Ball Lightning then became frequent in the areas they had each disappeared at. about fifteen minutes later we were walking back to a friends house and one of the objects reappeared. it was visibly following us, even if it’s destination was not ours. it was on the same path as us until we reached the friends house when it finally disappeared. Lately in the area around the river there have been a lot of unpredicted lightning storms, often ! without rain, and these have not been mentioned on the weather! channel s. I am not sure if this is related but thought i should mention it.
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Saint Albans, Vermont – 30-31 May 2011

On the 30th i seen an orangeish glow in the sky in an are where there usually no activity in the sky. It was hovering there for about 10 seconds then disappeared right in front of my eyes. The next night i seen it again in a different spotwith my girlfriend, seen it for another 10 seconds then it disappeared… Later on that night i seen it in the same original spot with my friend… The spot it was in was a spot flooded by street lights so theres no way you can ever see stars there and same thing happened, seen it for 10 se onds then disappears… This has us all sorts of confused, did it know we were looking at it? Can somebody tell me what that was?
Eric G
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Victoria, B.C., Canada – 30th May 2011

May 30th, 2011, approx 1-2am, witnessed a UFO, which stayed stationary for approx 2hours, behind my house, above the forest. (Could have been more far away and higher in sky, but this is how it seemed to us.) It appeared to be one craft. It looked like 8-10 spotlights, in circular form, with 3-4 in the middle. IT CHANGED SHAPE, from circular to a more flattened oval, and sometimes, would change to a vertical bar. It changed back and forth to these shapes. I filmed this with my CANNON G11 digi cam, but oddly, what we witnessed WITH OUR EYES, and what the camera recorded, were 2 totally different things. The camera picked it up, but more as a blurred, bright light, with what can only be described as fluttering energy, almost like tennis balls of light, whipping around, side to side, or diagonally … fast, slower, etc… Seen behind my house, on NURSERY HILL DRIVE, in Victoria BC, (Vancouver Island) of Canada. I have seen something strange previously, since recently moving to this house, but last time it was smaller, and had changing colored lights, nothing like the one we saw a few nights ago. Ive never done this before, hope you enjoy, and sorry for any unprofessional language in the video ; )


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Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia – 30 May 2011

Here are the 2 pictures I made 2 days ago, time was around 14:30, the weather was cloudy. I did not even realize what I have cought on pictures, cause I was shooting some cloud formations over my home town, apone uploding pictures on my computer I realized that on 2 pictures there was something strange. First i tought that it was a piece of dirt on my lense, but then I noticed that it was only on 2 pictures and not the other. I dont know what this is, I am sure it is not a bird. I made some calculations and i realized that this dark thing has moved around 10 kilometrs in under a minute. The time spend betwen 2 pictures is around 30-40 seconds. I would be glad If someone could tell me what I have captured. Sorry for the quality of pictures! Thank you a lot.

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Laplace LA – 30th May 2011
Hello, this is the first time I have ever reported a UFO sighting. In face, last night was the first time I have ever seen a “UFO”. I was outside along with my cousin. We were smoking cigarettes and looking up at the stars. I saw a very small red dot moving high up in the sky. My first thought was that of a satellite but as we began to see more and more I began to doubt. Now as we watched the third one a super bright stream of light shot from across the sky. It was so fast but my cousin and I both agree that the stream of light was a blue/green hue. It was also much, much closer than the little ones moving high above. We continued to watch the sky. The small little red lights continued to come and go. We also witnessed what looked like “shooting” stars but they were ! very different and every single one traveled in a different direction. They were also more like a beam of light then a “shooting” star. The light beam would blink in then out. We continued still and as we watched the 7th small little red dot cross the sky something amazing happened. We were glued to the most recent red dot but as we watched a flash of bright white light appeared very close to the red dot. It flashed once lightly then flashed again much brighter than the first time. All this within 2 seconds. Right after if flashed the 2nd time you could see something shoot forward for a short distance then it was gone. There was no sound at all from anything. A while later as we continued to look up. We witnessed a bright white ball traveling across the sky. My cousin watched it but I look around and as I did I saw what looked like the back of a cargo plane flying very low. It had two stationary lights at its bottom but it had flashing, strobing lights at its top.! The lights formed a square shape. I could not see what the li! ghts wer e attached to unfortunately. We turned to look at the new lights and as we looked back to follow the bright ball of light; it was gone. We sat outside for a while longer, although we saw nothing else. We did see many planes heading towards the New Orleans airport though at the end of the night.I can not say what I saw last night but I do know this- We watched an event unfold that we as civilians should not have witnessed. I’ve tried my best to explain exactly what we saw and I feel like I’m doing the right thing. The world deserves to know whats going on. Thank you for your time.
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Roseau River First Nation, Manitoba – 28th May 2011

t was around 9 in the evening, when i stepped outside my boyfriends house to grab something out of my car, when i happened to glance up in the northern sky. It was dark and cloudy that evening, when i saw an orange light in the sky that looked like a small fire orb. I watched it for a couple of seconds til i ran inside to call out my friend. He came and we were both astonished and freaked out a little, too. We watched it slowly glide towards the south, and we both knew it was close to the earth. After a couple minutes, it disappeared into the clouds.
Sharisse A
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Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina – 28th May 2011

It was about 10:30 to 10:35 am. It was a sunny day with barely a cloud in the sky. My friend and I were walking to another teacher’s classroom to deliver something. We were walking through the school courtyard and we were the only ones in the courtyard at the time. So we were just talking and then my friend suddenly points at something and says “What is that?”
I look to where he was pointing and we both see a large black object in the sky flying towards a horizon of trees. It was very large, maybe about the size of a large house and was shaped like a top hat in a way. It had a metal sort of shine to it and flew very smoothly, like it was on glass. It seemed to be surrounded by a faint green light that pulsated like a heartbeat. No noise of any kind came from it. It was very fast; as fast as a jet plane. After it flew across the sky, it disappeared behind the trees. This sighting lasted for about 5 seconds. We stood there for a few moments trying to see if it would come out again so we could get a closer look at it. Nothing happened, so we continued walking. We said nothing about it and decided we would talk about it later.
Later we were walking home that day and we discussed it. I said it might be a plane, but my friend pointed out that a plane doesn’t have a light around it. I told him I didn’t think it was an animal, since it had the light, it flew very fast, and it didn’t have the flapping of the wings and it didn’t seem to have any wings of any sort. He then suggested it might be some natural thing. This was dismissed quickly, since no clouds look like a black top hat shooting through the sky. The closest thing we came to was a man-made type of aircraft that we were unfamiliar with. We sometimes still talk about it and I still sometimes wonder what I saw.
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Siracusa, Italy – 11th May 2011

I’m not sure it is an UFO. I’ve taken this photo in Siracusa, Italy, at 12.00 a.m.
Tommaso M

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Keller , Texas – During the second week of May 7 to 14th

In the southwest sky around 9:30 pm My daughter and I saw what looked to be 2 stationary orbs . Too high for planes but below satellite space. It would suddenly appear ( well after dark ) On the fourth night I got my binoculars and zoomed in . Their seemed to be a slight blue light between them.It wasn’t planets or stars or the ISS or satellites. ( I checked ) I got nervous and went inside. The next night it was NO WHERE to be found. It seemed to pulsate . Only today did I learn that during that same time period , there were sightings from Hurst Tx. , Arlington Tx , and San Antonio Tx.. I figured I needed to report this . I seems they’re ” crawlin’ out of the wood work ” now .
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Newcastle, England – 15th April 2011

i was quite tired around 10pm and looked out the window and noticed alot of objects resembling stars and thought they look pretty close to be stars and there was about 50 in all clumbed together,i grabbed my digital cam and snapped a couple shots above my neigbours porch then got my my telescope out to get some close ups and got some startling results,,felt i should tell someone.One picture actually resembles a snake like craft.My telescope is a small goto and the zoom on my cam is pretty ok.Could some one enhance them as i think there could be more there than i can see..comments welcome but they are genuine photos,i have one of a satilitte too to compare..

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Punta Gorda, Florida – aprox late November 2010

I assure you in the future I will write down details if I ever see anything like this again. Late Nov 2010 I was packing to move away from my studio. Sat outside for a break and just happened to look up when I saw what I thought was a bright star but it was ‘growing’ very fast. I was astounded. The light became the size of aprox 1/8 of the moon. Very big light. It exploded and something shot away from it heading in a northern direction. I watched the tiny light that shot away from it until it disappeared into the northern sky like satelites do. I had the impression it was man made. The big light stayed stationary and immediately died out after the small light shot away. What was it? Can anyone tell me?
Michael V
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Nr RR Yard,off Hwy 99,South Fresno,CA, at 3-story Grade School – 15th May, 1961

50 Years ago,while in the Second Grade in Fresno, CA.,I was in class on the second of three stories. The middle of May’61,after first recess, my [young] female Teacher told Bobby[who was standing looking out the massive foot-square windows],”Sit Down!”.He looked our way,then gazed affixed out the window.The Teacher raised her voice,and repeated!Bobby had the SAME response.Seated in the front row,I saw the Teacher grab a ruler after repeating a THIRD time,with the same response.She went to the wall of glass, grabbed Bobby’s hand upward.Then started to swat him in the behind with the ruler!She then looked out the window,FROZE and started shaking!THE WHOLE CLASS RAN TO THE WINDOW!We all saw two 25′ Flying Saucers,flying JUST ABOVE THE ROOFTOPS!Going several blocks,one direction,w! hile staying in perfect tandum(appx. 8’apart),then changing direction(continual “S”pattern).The two craft looked like they had DRY ICE at the exterior.NO SHOWING OF METAL.–We kept asking the Teacher, “What is it?”,repeatedly.Then she turned to me and said,”They are Racing Clouds!” —(OH!for years, I fell for that one!She made it up.)Since,I read about tandum craft performing the same pattern elsewhere,only a time or two.[This is to the best of my knowledge. The boy’s name may not be right.]About 15 of us saw them,just a block,or two away!I swear.Never talked to the other students,afterwards about it.
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