UFO retrieved by Russian military?

This video was recently posted on Youtube and it was allegedly recorded in Russia this year. There are already some speculation that this object is a flying saucer which has been retrieved by military. There’s also one UFO visible at the right of the screen right after 1:10s.
What do you think of this strange military activityin Russia? Leave your comments below!

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  1. why is it when some clever kid decides to cgi a ufo fake..a very good one I might ad,do they always insist on using the obigatory electricity pylon/poles in the foreground.It kind of gives it away ,why not put something else like Elvis or Jimmy hoffa or Michael jacksons ghost.

  2. I still say the United States has the best looking UFOs. The Russian UFOs look like old tanks. Ours are much more modern looking.

  3. Well if you are going to transport your UFO from one secret base to another by helicopter, are you really going to do this in broad daylight?

  4. If this is real, and it does look real, why has there not been any headlines on the various international news branches. Also, I wonder if it could be a Russian-made aircraft.<br />Charles

  5. wow! military road side assistance.wink. perhaps Russia is just giving them a tow after they broke down? I like the ufo watching from the clouds too. I really want to meet them and hope they are friendly…. exciting really. I say welcome and I hope Russia helped them and didn&#39;t just steal the craft for research. j

  6. Beautiful! Nice Get!I&#39;m certain we won&#39;t have to wait much longer for the lies to stop. Our government must have zero respect for the masses. That was incredible footage! Thnx

  7. Wow! Some of these people on this thread ask the dumbest friggin&#39; questions! Wake up and start thinking in different terms dumbos! Americans are starting to make me sick with all this stupidity!!!

  8. i think its a fake how much weight can a chopper like that haul plus during daylight cmon then no news headlines? our american government needs to fess up and tell us the people the truth instead of letting us think we are crazy when we get abducted and see these things they are here and probably are causing some disasters like tsunamis i think 2012 has to do mostly with alien presence and they

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