Alien spacecrafts visits Earth admits Retired U.S. Army Colonel

July 13, 2011 – Retired Army Col. John Alexander, 74-year-old former Green Beret A-Team commander and developer of weapons at Los Alamos, N.M., says UFO disclosure has already occurred, and that the ultimate solution to UFOs is more complex than most people think. Alexander quotes President Harry Truman: “I can assure you the flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.”
“Disclosure has happened,” Alexander told AOL News. “It starts with former presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan and (the Soviet Union’s) Gorbachev. I’ve got stacks of generals, including Soviet generals, who’ve come out and said UFOs are real. My point is, how many times do senior officials need to come forward and say this is real?”
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  1. THANK YOU JOHN ALEXANDER !! You have opened a doorway to truth. Our country was formed out of TRUTH and JUSTICE.Let's give a brave tribute to all the Americans that have seen U.F.O.s and have spoken prior,and NOT BELIEVED!! Religious groups along with the non-believers need to wake up.How can I help? THANK YOU !

  2. Many people have come forward about knowing the truth, the problem is seperating the people that speak the Truth, and the liars.<br /><br />For Example : Bob Lazar.<br />He claimed to have worked at the REAL &quot;Area 51&quot;<br />Not the AREA 51 we all know of, But the one at groom lake.<br /><br />After all that stuff happened with him, Where is he now days?<br />What happened to him? Noone

  3. We&#39;re not waiting for senior officials to come forward and say that UFO&#39;s and Aliens exist, we already know that they do. What we&#39;re waiting for is for at least the U.S. Govt to stop being cowards and tell us what they &quot;know&quot; about UFO&#39;s and Aliens. Since we all pay a great deal of money each year in taxes, I expect my Govt to have courage and tell me the truth and let

  4. In reply to Anon #2.<br /><br />We know exactly where Bob Lazar is… he owns United Nuclear and has government contracts for nuclear supplies and science equipment.<br /><br />They even sell uranium. Now, pray tell, how does a wack job scientist who was widely believed to be a hoax get a government contract to sell uranium?<br /><br />&quot;Lazar again gained attention in 2006 from news reports

  5. so the damsel rushed into my office whisking past my secretary and fell on the couch sobbing uncontrollaby………I said to her&quot;O.K. DAME;WHATS YER STORY ?&quot;SHE STARTED BLURPING OUT DATA LIKE AN OLD UNDERWOOD TYPWRITER DRUNK ON SCOTCH.I said rather loudly&#39;SLOW DOWN WOMAN!!&quot;….JUST START FROM THE BEGINNING……….TELL ME THE STORY.&quot;And that is what is needed in this

  6. I like how people remain anonymous even though they&#39;re trying to be truthful. If you want to speak the truth why should we trust someone that wont even give their name? My name&#39;s Kyle Gilroy I do believe &quot;aliens&quot; exist but that people like most of the people on this site do not believe it for themselves they believe it as a whole. You say one thing that someone else has said or

  7. Please stop the madness, every last government offical who says there are aliens never actually say <br /><br />&quot;there are aliens at this location, and these are some names of Officals whom have seen aliens too&quot;. Not <br /><br />one government Offical took a picture, stole documents, or gave a complete description of an alien ship. <br /><br />A real alien ship is not a UFO, a real

  8. A UFO is so stated because we do not know its origins. the other side also use the term we do UFO.<br /><br />Since the start of 14/7/2011 by mutual mind to mind communications the following message has been provided by the form at present with us .<br /><br />14/7-19/7= a Y = Project Y<br />19/7-21/7 =a P<br />21/7-30/7= a V , P.V = the first letter in the names of the researcher<br />30/

  9. The world obviously needs to see open interaction between aliens and humans. Say…on the Whitehouse lawn… (an over exaggeration on my part). What disclosure &quot;has&quot; taken place in the form of statements by presidents and generals will not be sufficient to convince humanity. But, when the true disclosure takes place and we all see the aliens openly among us, this will lead to humanities

  10. i believe there is other life in the universe,i&#39;m just not sure that they are visiting us.that being said canada&#39;s top general for years rich hillier,also came out and said the world has been visited,when he retired

  11. i don`t think aliens want to get rid of anyone…. they just want their home back. and we took over it. what would you do if someone took over your home… they are just like us..<br /><br />even if we look different were all the same we still breathe ,eat ,sleep.<br /><br /><br />maybe the reason thier so advance is becuase they decided to leave thier difference and focus more on what they can

  12. the complexities of why they&#39;re here cannot be understood by humans at this time. they put us here; they&#39;ve been watching us all along and there&#39;s proof of that. the gods that religions speak of all descend from the sky… as do they. pay more attention to the bible; take fear and religion out, add science and physics. believe in a higher truth and you won&#39;t be left behind

  13. Folks… wake up. These creatures aren&#39;t some benevolant advanced highly evolved bla bla bla. They are fallen angels. They have been here for a VERY long time and they are KEPT from us by devine will. They are exceptionally intellignt, powerful and ancient. This earth is their home and we are but temporary visitors. It is we who are the aliens, and I&#39;ll promise you their greatest desire

  14. I wonder if they have secret handshakes, or if they enjoy grilled cheese with tomato soup. If so, are they fond of sharing such grilled cheese with tomato soup. One can only ponder.

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