Daytime UFO above Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada 29-Aug-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Strange daytime UFO activity was recorded in the sky above Saskatoon, a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River. This was taken on Monday, 29th August 2011.
Witness report: About 00:46 sec in we have some white and red spheres messing around with each other (six or more I believe, with three in a tight group rotating around each other and three off to the left side). I snapped the pic and they were gone! I used VLC to slow down the video and see the others. Maybe I’ll do one in slow-mo as well?

I had recently bought a new camera (SX30IS 35x optical zoom – 800mm) and started photographing and filming the skies over Saskatoon on a regular basis and have been capturing some pretty cool stuff.
Author (ufo2c @ youtube)

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  1. Nice catch mate.<br />I suppose some idiot will tell you they&#39;re chinese lanterns or something.<br />Seriously though,the quality &amp; similarities of these objects being caught on film from all parts of the world are increasing in number &amp; in intrigue.<br />I can&#39;t believe that there are still some arrogant, naive people who truly think mankind is the be all end all in the universe.

  2. May I suggest that these people who now claim these are balloons, blow some balloons up release them &amp; video their behaviour, do it a dozen times if you like. Then post your videos on here so we can all compare them<br />Should be interesting.

  3. Look, i&#39;m a true believer in other life out there, I have seen UFOs myself, but I have also been to big events with lots of balloons. Now and then kids let go of them. And this is what you get. In this video it is clearly 3 balloons tied together very high up, you can clearly tell by the way they are moving. I have seen many people posting stuff like this, claiming that they are UFOs, but

  4. Okay, first of all let me say I absolutely do beleive in UFO and some being visiting us from some far other places, but to me it looks like the guy was pointing somewhere knowing it was comming and if you take a closer look the movement of thos 3 things seems pretty unregular, to me it lloks like 2 white ballon and a red or orange one attached togheter…

  5. I just saw something like that today ( 05.01.2012 , ca. 4:55 pm , Estevan , SK ) – at day time …for sure no ballons ! I got a privat pilot license and know – that an airplane -as we do know it – cant fly like that . I wasn&#39;t fast enough with my iphone – captured only &quot;one ballon&quot; flying away . To many people saw &quot;ballons&quot; like that . We should keep an eye on the ballons

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