Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2011

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early August 2011; UFO activity – New York City, United States

August 2011; flashing lights in the sky – Jing Xian, China

August 2011; UFO filmed by airplane passenger – over UK

August 2011; triangle UFO – Fresno, California

August 2011; unknown lights or orbs – Alicante, Spain

August 2011; triangle formation – Chicago, IL

1st August 2011; huge bright UFO – ECETI Ranch, Hood River, Oregon, USA

1st August 2011; triangle-shaped object – Lake Huron in North America

2nd August 2011; stationary UFO – Auckland, New Zealand

4th August 2011; multiple UFOs or Orbs – Moscow, Russia

11th August 2011; unknown lights flying across the sky – South Korea

12th August 2011; daytime UFOs – Commerce City, Colorado

13th August 2011; UFOs – Oslo, Norway

13th August 2011; mass daytime sighting video – Carmichael, California

16th August 2011; UFO activity – Central Florida, USA

18th August 2011; huge unknown craft – Catalonia in Tarragona, Spain

20th August 2011; huge unknown craft – Rome, Italy

23rd August 2011; UFOs in the sky – Laredo in Texas

26th August 2011; unknown lights hovering – Bronx, NY

27th August 2011; multiple unknown lights – Kyiv region, Ukraine

29th August 2011; bright UFO – Fountain Hills in Eastern Phoenix, Arizona

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  1. digital photography is absolutely useless as proof of anything!<br />010101010101010101010101010101010101010<br />i can handwrite your face in Zeros and 1s if i have to<br />If digital photography is admitted in a court everybody on earth will be in the deepest shit the world has ever known!

  2. One thing that really gets me. Is that we are thinking that these vistors are biological. Maybe they started life that way but i think they can move from body to body like downloading a program to your computer. How much better would it be for space travel etc. I think we should think outside the box and really stop putting our own personal flavour on Aliens. Lets face it they are Alien and could

  3. one thing that is certain is a lot of these vids are remarkably similar to the phoenix lights siting in march of 97.. and those were seen by more than 10,000 people. might want to keep that in mind before completely dismissing the videos posted here.

  4. Unfortunately when we look at a grainy video it looks fake,when we see a clear footage we think staged this is how i think as well when i see pics and video- wheres the hard physical evidence,hopefully one day theyl have it ,i had the good fortune to see a large cigar shaped ufo which was glidig across a highway 500mtrs away im convinced it was alien however be nice to see proven physical evidence

  5. digital photography? Really dude? I can use film then scan the negative and still alter the pic. It don&#39;t matter. Yeah digital is grainy at night because it&#39;s the camera trying to boost low light. Anyone of you that thinks these video&#39;s are fake, then you are so wrong. Who knows what the hell they are. I&#39;d say until we see something more than just light we shouldn&#39;t jump to

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