UFO sighting in South Korea 11-Aug-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Multiple unknown lights were seen and recorded in the night sky above South Korea on Thursday, 11th August 2011.
Direct translate of South Korean article about this mysterious event:

UFO 한국

Daejeon downtown residential neighborhood,

Video captured with a mobile phone

Objects were very bright lights in the night

Side direction for one group

Moving Northeast into the sky

Some of the moving Formations seemed orchestrated

They look and appear to rotate

One aspect of light seemed to radiate brightly

For the first time in the country a UFO in City

Air force Reports:

No Air force flight training

Radar Networks did not capture objects

Objects seen August 11, 2011

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  1. Very clear video which shows something very impressive, even frightening. I feel that it's real because it's on the news as well as not being accompanied by music and special effects.

  2. αυτό το είδα στις 19 Αυγούστου 2011 ώρα 1:50 σε σχηματισμό V 8-9 φωτεινά αντικείμενα με πολύ γρήγορη ταχύτητα και με κατεύθυνση από Βορρά προς Νότο στη περιοχή Νέα Μάκρη, Ζούμπερι, Greece

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