Huge bright UFO above Montreal, Canada 16-Aug-2011

UFO sightings – Unknown light was recorded hovering in the sky above Montreal in Quebec, Canada. This footage was taken on Tuesday, 16th August 2011.

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  1. ISS, 2 minutes to research it and it's no longer unidentified. I like this site but too many of these nonsensical youtubers are getting airtime and it is discrediting the the field of ufology more than any group ever has.

  2. was that guy from Montreal for real?? OMG I was fed up with hearing him say Ffff what a jerk, and who's he talking about thats going to die? he sounded like some weird crack pot, was it a ufo though? Hmm i don't know about that.iss i think myself..

  3. He was swearing at the mosquitoes, that were biting him while he was trying to record the the light in the sky, and he was saying that the mosquitoes were going to die. I'm not french but I sure could understand what he was cussing about. I have also seen that same white light in the sky for the last 7 day's, always going east to west at about 10pm. Manitoba Canada time. must be a low

  4. a light in the sky is not proof of alien spacecraft! Why is it in this digital age no one can give us a clear picture. All we ever get are unidentified lights in the sky. Every light in the sky is not an alien ship!

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