Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in October 2011 by

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October 2011; triangle UFO – Payson in Arizona

October 2011; UFO – Melbourne in Australia

1st October 2011; unknown flashing object – Keller in Texas

4th October 2011; unknown lights – Lee’s Summit, Missouri

6th October 2011; triangle UFO – Cleveland Height in Ohio

7th October 2011; UFO fleet – Stevenage in Hertfordshire, UK

8th October 2011; UFOs or orbs – Portland, Oregon

8th October 2011; UFO fleet – Redondo Beach in California

12th October 2011; cigar-shaped object – Chimbote, Peru

14th October 2011; unknown objects – Midlothian, Scotland

16th October 2011; UFO – Sweden

18th October 2011; unknown bright objects – Moscow, Russia

18th October 2011; triangle formation – Bangkok, Thailand

21st October 2011; daytime cylindrical UFO – Laredo, Texas

22nd October 2011; daytime UFO – Fresno, California

22nd October 2011; triangle formation – Belgorod, Russia

23rd October 2011; fast UFO – Sunday Night Football, New Orleans

28th October 2011; triangle formation – Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico

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  1. &quot;Vi veri veniversum vivus vici&quot;<br /><br />&quot;By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe&quot;<br /><br />spread the magick motto of anonymous.

  2. I&#39;m sorry but half of these videos are invalid. The videos are too shaky and incoherent to even be considered useful. If you&#39;re going to be a ufo hunter, you are going to have to learn to use a tripod, and stop zooming in and out. Keep your camera still or stop recording. Otherwise, Your amatuer attempts to capture something you don&#39;t understand and post your horrible filming skills

  3. I saw 3 lights standing for hours , after 7&#39;ocleck, they disapered at 9o&#39;clock and came back after 10&#39;ocleck. it was around Boston. I did not take any picture<br /><br />I could clearly see planes flying , but these lights were not planes for sure, and they were so far, they cannot be helicopters or drones coz We connot see these from that distance

  4. I saw UFO first hand in Canoga Park, California on Nov.8,2011 at about 2pm. They were an armada of 15 spaceshiplike figure and in a formation like birds going southward but the only difference is that the three figures in front are flying back and forth out of the formation.

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