Triangle UFO formation over Florida 10-Nov-2011

LUFOS – This possible Tr-3b sighting was recorded in the night sky above Florida, according to the author of the video on Thursday, 10th November 2011.

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  1. Just been checking Lufos video(Florida 10th)And see 8 out of 15 clicked on fake..Makes me sad–These videos are not fake..What do u think a Ufo is?The u is for unidentyfied..I think u guys have a serious problem accepting the facts..Go to utube,there u`ll still find some fakes,for some weird reason,people still make fake videos???—NOT VERY INTERESTING-Ive been seeing spacships from other worlds

  2. There is nothing to use as a reference point in this video. Basic rule in video, get some background or foreground in the frame to give perspective to what it is you&#39;re shooting. <br /><br />This is probably as Dr Willie has commented, some guy with a model in his dark room with nothing better to do than create this.

  3. I like this one but some type of ground refrence should have been established. Zoom out to street lights then back in otherwise it could be lights with a black cloth background and outside noise side effects. If its real its a good one.

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