UFO activity over Phoenix, Arizona – November 2011

UFO videos – Two videos of UFO activity over Phoenix in Arizona filmed in early November 2011.

2nd November

3rd November

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  1. Just a heads up, your second video, the one from the third of this month is over a year old. It's credited with being 2010. Might want to amend the article.

  2. Many nights I have watched lights that seemingly are UFOs in Phoenix, Aircraft landing at PHX are at a distance preparing for a landing at sky harbor..if you watch long enough the blips become passenger airliner. Decent and landing proceedures go on for over 35 to 40 miles and the Clear air here makes it possible to see them comming in. Sorry, Just Sky Harbor Air Traffic.

  3. Yeah… I think these are planes on final approach to Sky Harbor. The top video show what I think is the East Economy Parking Garage.

  4. Morons. They're military cargo planes following each other. They're coasting so they hardly make a sound. I've seen them at dusk and believe me, it's not that mysterious.

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