UFOs filmed over Scotland 21-Nov-2011

UFO sightings – Those two videos of unidentified flying objects in the sky above Scotland were recorded on Monday, 21st November 2011.

Daytime UFO footage

Midlothian, Scotland

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  1. I agree, quality filming (at least if compared to others). But why not buy a real telescope for $2000, and see what it&#39;s all about? :P<br /><br />P.S. 2&#39;nd video is like one of the stars just went off into flight.

  2. I have seen a UFO and I look at all of the UFO related sites on the internet and I am sure of ET presents here. Now what do we do what is the next step? My coffee drinking buddies do not believe I can not make them believe only the main news channels NBC, ABC &amp; CBS can make them believe. Just think how wonderful it would be if the smart ones was here to help with all of the problems we have

  3. Yep… A satellite! Having an appreciation of our actual Human scientific achievements is far more rewarding than ill-informed &#39;belief&#39; in spooks, ghouls, gods and little grey men!

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