Unknown flashing lights over Cedar City, Utah 16-Nov-2011

UFO videos – New footage of unknown flashing objects in the night sky above Cedar City in Utah. This was recorded on Wednesday, 16th November 2011.

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  1. i saw something very similar a few nights ago there was only one and i thought hmm maybe its a satellite well it wasn't it flashed diffrent colors like red blue and yellow and it was bright bright enough for me to think airplane…? nope i looked through binoculars not an airplane anyone else seen anything like this?

  2. The lights in Utah are interesting. I see things like that over Indiana/Ohio farmland, only in a bright green and about 20 ft above the ground. Not all the time, though. And I am familiar with Utah, as my daughter did her undergrad work at USU.

  3. Sorry to say that it was not Christmas lights reflecting off a window or screen. I live in Cedar and saw the lights. They were just north of Cedar traveling from east to west in a straight line, not in a standard wedge formation that most military craft take around here. Also to slow to be any airplane and may have been helicopter but absolutely no sound even at that range there should have been

  4. Oct 22′ around 8:45pm II saw 5 stationary flashing objects spread out along the northern horizon. I was just east of layton high. They looked to be spread out over Hil Air Force base or just north of there. At this time 5 fighter jets took off to head out west to the bombing range and didn’t pay them any concern. Then starting with the one furthest west started to head east towards the mountains. They came together and moved off and out of sight over mountains. There movements were precise but not to fast so as to draw attention to them selfs. Also the white flashing lights (the only light I saw coming from each craft) seemed to copy that of a standard airplane flasher. But no other lights and hovering, then the way they gathered along the mountain? We’re not typical aircraft.

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