UFOs flying over Bronx in New York – November 2011

UFO videos – These unknown lights were recorded in Bronx, the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City. Recorded recently (in November 2011).

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  1. Very convincing that these lights just aren't planes coming in for a landing. Lately, it seems that UFOs are putting on a "show" for us. I believe that this is to prepare us for contact which, I think, will be peaceful.

  2. Well poor quality of the video makes it hard to make a real determination but its looks good. Three orbs staying with each other, but could be three Chinese lanterns tied together as well.

  3. They are moving so slowly that this could easily be planes in a holding pattern, explained as an optical illusion created by planes either passing one another or changing altitude in the sky.

  4. matt_bpd<br />i seen a very similar ufo in baltimore MD with a co-worker last week would have got it on the cell camera but it died

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