Alien Ship Allegedly Found by Apollo 16 Astronauts

Many nations have been exploring parts of the moon for many years already. Aside from the U.S. and Russia, Asian countries like Japan, China, and India have been also spending millions of money for lunar explorations. Moreover, robotic spacecraft was sent by European Space Agency to the moon. Probably, the most productive lunar mission is the one from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which have been capturing almost a million pictures on the surface of the moon. However, for people who believe that NASA discovered a crashed spaceship on the moon, the government agency hid something related to it to the public and clearly manipulating the images from lunar missions.

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    • People,open your eye,and minds,the moon is HOLLOW.AND yes they have mined the moon and still are today,But the moon pictures they show yall,(NASA)are not at all what the moon looks has water,grass,and 60% gravity as almost as much as earth.AND they mine gold &other precious metal on it,and have been for years&years and im not talking about us so figure it out for yourself.

    • You people dont have a clue,about whats going on around you.What you see and are told is what you believe,and that just what they want you to believe,If you really was told the real deal,you wouldn't believe it ,and probaly flip out.Because there is so much information,you are not told that it would blow you mind,So go out there on the internet,and look up aliens, ufos,hollow moon &hollow

    • .. really so when you look at the moon its fake… ok aliens could be real, but moon with grass… it could have gold but unlikely…. and water… in the form of ice yes, but really?? Just think…… don't believe every thing (I COULD BE WRONG BUT… just think about it k :P)

  1. you can see shadows at house rock without trouble but if you look directley under outhouse rock on the map u can see a circle shape objet also look at the end of the line indacator leading from the numbers u can see three more perfect cirles above the circle which it is directly in the middle of can anyone else see wat i can ??

  2. for all u ignants, the moon is filled with helium and your people and our people have been mining bases on the dark side like forEVA also if you just look it up, the moon was artificially recreated and the mining rights to it are owned by 3 rich americans

  3. you're all Fing gullible idiots jeez its just the moon..there isnt shit up there but rocks and dust..absolute idiocy all you UFO assholes….Guess trolls and goblins also exist? pansies.

    • just more BS from a moron that has no clue yea and i bet you think the world is flat too LMFAO!!! you should run for president ha ha ha LOSER!!! if you don't believe then why do you come to sites like this just to spew the BS from that trash mouth of yours? well no one here cares about your opinion or the language you use!!

    • What a boring dumb world we would live in if it were all filled with this type of person…pansies…lol..I like that title..thanks 🙂

    • Yes, it's true. You have us on the ropes! How do you think Obama got into office anyhow!??!?! He controls minds. He is a direct descendant of Moon experimentations… we DO need HELP!!!

    • yeah there all crazy here this UFO BS like magic they appear. next thing you know someones gonna be telling us things can just appear out of nothing you know , spontaneous combustion, what" lunacy". Oh i forgot , they have , I think they call it the Big Bang.

  4. I may feel ignorant or moron posting something of which no earth science can define. If I knew something… what are the reasons convincing people who knew nothing at all? People who "knew" defines an unidentified to the level of their own know-how. No one can crack a head they don't even know it exists. One thing for sure…it exist and you people are not alone. Your belief is not

  5. trickster entity castle?? i see the shadow on the right side of the picture that looks like a castle. i got a question for anyone, why are the pictures of the moon dark when we know the light from the sun certianly shines just as bright on the moon as on eart

  6. People are funny for believing in aliens? The Bible seems like a credible source that everyone should believe in? More like if you read it and are suppose to believe it, then it seems like we are not alone! We don't know anything and we never will as long as the government and misinformation exists. lol The truth is out there !!!

  7. This pic has nothing. I'm an engineer and I can verify, zero here exists. Enjoy your delusions and post real images if and when you have any.

  8. You can take it from me….I'M a DAMN ROCK-IT SCIENTIST!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I can verify that I've seen the CRITTERS! Hell, I MARRIED ONE!

  9. Trololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol<br /><br />derpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderp<br /><br />we&#39;re taking the hobbits to the moon:-O

  10. ok its about time i chimed in on this one – first of all i would like to give credit to the debunkers out there without them we would have a one sided scientific aproach on these matters – i dont classify my self to one side or the other i just try to keep my mind as open as possible and let my gut take it from there – and for our comedians i luv humor if it is in good taste but some of these

    • i dropped my pants and seen the moon, hell i even seen an alien creeping out of the middle , and i think he waved at me freaky.

  11. Very ambiguous.The mind has a great ability for self deception.The scientific community has a deep understanding of this,hence,rigorous testing of theories and data are essential.Blind faith and conjecture are meaningless.We can all believe what we wish;but,without concrete proof,that&#39;s all we are left with-hearsay.I have seen UFOs(7-in a straight line,about 500 to 1000 metres apart,moving

  12. why would people come on to a ufo site if they think we are alone in the universe ,and to the guy who goes on about the bible does he believe in angels

  13. Wthe bible never knew the have more proof of aliens than on the bible. The bible was first written by MAN 2000yrs ago and its been rewritten and changed a hundred and eighty times to suit those who wrote it. We have PROOF on dinosaurs and early man..

  14. Given the supposed size of the universe, it is mathematically improbable that life does not exist somewhere else in some form.<br />And if the earth IS being visited by another form of intelligence and everyone wants to know why they have made no effort to contact us, I pose this question. When you walk in the forest, do you talk to the squirrels?<br />I&#39;m sure the alleged intelligence could

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