Daytime UFO over Lima, Peru 22-Jan-2012

UFO videos 2012 – Some kind of triangle-shaped UFO was recorded in the sky above Lima in Peru on 22nd January 2012.
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  1. well,that certainly is not an airplane.,(as it travels toooo slow.,and did anyone catch the smaller object in front of it?(scout ship)?i feel sorry for the people who cannot or will not see all of the proof,(hundreds of years of proof.,)right before their eyes…too bad….

  2. Is the small object in front and slightly higher a plane ? maybe towing a object??Other wise a great capture.<br />Regards Rob R

    • Looks more like a blimp, banners aren&#39;t that big or rounded, have you ever seen one they look different from this! so don&#39;t be so sure 0_0

  3. l found that interesting it makes a change from bright lights etc, we can all find allternative ideas room for thought this one,?,

  4. simplemente puedo decir que no estamos solos y espero que este 2012 se termine de caer el velo que nos tiene cansados, no somos la unica raza, hay miles de planetas y aqui hay más de 10 clases diferentes de especies alienigenas, asi que mucho cuidado con las señales!!

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