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Your UFO reports: 21st January – 28th January 2012
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Murrieta, CA – 1-29-2012 1845
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1121 Cottman ave., Philadelphia, PA – Jan.28,2012 9:48
it was night and me and my sister was cleaning up our backyard
and when my sister was getting the last thing and i saw a light that was changing colors and it was a odd shape……it was like a circeler
shape and it was moving very very slow.
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Endeavour Hills, Victoria 3802, Australia – 28.01.2012 AROUND 22:00:00
I don’t know what they are, but they are two objects which are flying one behind the other and the gap between them was constant all the while and suddenly they disappeared.
I have uploaded the video of the sighting on you tube.
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Georgetown, Delaware -1/28/12 around 6:30 PM EST.
Tonight me and my friend were walking his dog, when we saw something strange. We saw this large blinking star-light thing, bigger then the north star. It was moving quite slowly, and some airplanes were flying near it. We stood there watching it and I tried taking a picture with my phone but its terrible quality and couldn’t pick it up well.
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Boston, New York – 1/27/12, 10:30PM (approx)
Observed a extremely bright light hovering in the sky for approx 40 to 45 seconds….no lateral movements were observed. A white glow emanated around the center white light….the object slightly faded and then disappeared altogether.
Light clouds were present, and my son and I waited several minutes to see if something came out the other side… object was observed.
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Nova Scotia, Canada – 8:15pm Jan 27
It’s big. Noiseless I don’t have photos. But it’s swirl like with a larg mist looking cloud behinde it and it’s bigger then the moon. I want a answer.
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Seattle, WA (Lake City, North Seattle) – 1/25/12, 4:00 am
A Triangular hovering ship (that so many Youtube videos are popping up of lately) was flying over where I live in North Seattle. I saw it this morning as I drove to work, flying under the clouds, slowly. I could clearly make out the 3 points that make the triangular craft & the “core” in the center, which is somewhat brighter than the other 3 points.
At I first saw the lighted craft through trees as I was driving(it was flying North). At first, I noticed how weird it was that a plane was flying north. The airport is South, where most Airplanes are heading, & not very many of them head north because there’s not too many places to go. This was just what caught my attention, & made me say “when I get past these trees, I want to see what this is”.
Well, when I made it past the trees & to a stoplight was when I got the amazing view of the craft I first described. It was flying very slowly. The light ahead of me turned green, but I wanted to watch the craft longer. A truck was behind me as well, but strangely he wasn’t honking at me to go forward (he may have seen it as well, & usually people that drive trucks get pretty pissed about people not moving at green lights).
I then pulled forward to continue driving (since the light was green), but I wanted to take one last look at the craft after I started moving. When I turned around to see it, the craft was now flying South, & I could clearly see the back of the craft. It was also doing it’s classic “tipping” maneuver, that I see all the time in Youtube videos.
This was my first ever “sighting”, and the most bizarre thing about it- was that it wasn’t very bizarre at all! I just saw it, very clearly flying, & it made it’s way an opposite direction while I went mine. It’s possible that there are humans on these ships, perhaps out government is now able to make “anti-gravity” vehicles like the ones that showed up in Belgium in 1989. Either way, this wasn’t any airplane (too big to be flying that low, it was tipping like crazy, the center “core”, & the anomaly of flying North then suddenly South)
I know I don’t have a video, but please post this, in hopes that some one else in the North Seattle area saw it, & maybe has documentation (it was really low, & NOT CLOAKED!)
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From Hwy 18, below Crestline over looking the valley – 01-24-12 06:08
Im not certian what I saw this morning, it was very abnormal. I was driving to work and all the sudden theres a huge flash of light over the valley, (possibly Devore, near the 210 Fwy) it was a giant spherical light that panned out almost flat, themn receded back into a sphere and finally appeared to vanish entirely. Then there were three much small orbs that looked like the points of a triangle, and seemed to just be floating we (my passengers and myself) were at approxamatley the 3500foot level of the mountian range, we gawked at these lights until we went around the next bend amd the mountian side blocked our view, when the valley came into view we could no longer see the three orbs. I wish I could have filmed the expulsion of light, it was awestounding. Like it exploded then imploded in a matter of seconds. Ive never seen anything like it before. I hope someone else was able to get it.
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Italy – Abbiategrasso – Milan – 25/01/2012 19.00
On the evening of 25, just left my parents’ house, I see 4 red lights lined up like the ones you place on the cranes of the shipyards to alert you.
The interesting thing is that in that place there are neither cranes nor does canieri.
The lights were positioned almost to “zig-zag”, then, curiously observing, I saw them move slowly, almost to the line up, and once you are like avvicinatesi were almost extinguished the flames.
Unfortunately I got the movie because I preferred to follow the whole event also fearing a poor outcome of the movie with a mobile phone.
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Atlantic Beach, Fl – 1/23/12
Stationary light changing colors from blue and red over the ocean.
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My home driveway in Newbury Park, CA – 01/22/12 approximately 7:40 PM
My wife and I had just come home from grocery shopping and as I stepped out of the car, I noticed that the stars were very visible compareed to most nights. As I was admiring God’s creation,I noticed a star moving from East to Southwest. Then I stopped and though a moment. Stars don’t blink and this had to be a UFO because there was no sound and it was really hauling. I am not an individual who can estimated distances, especially in space. I watched it for about a minute and it disappeared into the distance.
I believe in UFOs but this is the first one that I have seen if it is one. I wonder if anyone else from this area of the Country has seen this object. Nanu Nanu!
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San Rafael de Heredis, San José, Costa Rica – 22 Jan 2012
I was at a friends backyard, hanging out with some friends after a barbecue. It was around 7 pm. The sky was clear and you could see stars everywhere.
An orange/red circle appeared in the sky flying in straight line NE to SW, at a very low speed. It flew for 20 seconds or so, we were all looking at it and discussing if it was an airplane or not (because it didn’t flicker, it size was bigger than a regular airplane and there was no audible sound). Then when it was above us it vanished in plain sight.
Everybody who saw it was convinced it was not an airplane or helicopter or anything they could imagine.
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada – January 22 2011
Strange lights in the sky over Toronto in January of 2011.
Nothing was sourcing these ‘Lights” and nothing was around, above or below them either. They grew in vertical length and were what looked like flowing waves of lights which appeared from thin air. After being viewed for 10 minutes these “lights” gradually disappeared to nothing and then re-appeared until disappearing once again.
All photos are original, no photo was taken behind any window.
Bottom right hand corner – photo was taken in vehcile *which is what the metal strip looking piece is at the top) but the window was rolled dow.
Any help would be great.
NOTE: The ‘dot’ in the images is not in any way associated with these lights. It is actually ‘Jupiter’.
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Southington ct – 9:30. 1-21-12
I was coming back from mt southingon.- ski facility In Southingon. Connecticut What I saw along with 5-6 other people were 8-10 organge orbs in the night sky. They were moving slowly east to west all in the same direction. No sound no flashing lights. Just couldn’t be explained. Then they disappeared over the mountain
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Martins Creek, PA – 1/20/12 8:55pm
Up to a dozen red orbs coming up from the delaware river area as viewed from a hilltop. The “orbs” were changing in a flawless pattern. They changed from a square to a triangle with a dot in the middle to what appeared to be the big dipper to orions belt and then some various other patterns before breaking up and then they all went up into the clouds, as a small plane began to approach them, that was below the cloud cover. They were not aircraft as they can’t possibly move like that. They could not have been flares either as there were no emissions like sparks or smoke. A few other people pulled over from Front st and viewed it with us. It lasted for a good 15min. I noticed the time was 8:55pm and they were gone by 9:09pm. There is a steam power plant nearby but was at least a few miles away from the orbs. It appeared to me they were coming up from the river valley. We were looking from the west, so they were east of us. The small plane traveled towards them from the north west, so the plane was traveling south east. Braiden airport is nearby and may have had communication from the pilot of the plane. Also, the plane was no higher than 400ft, and was at one point level with the orbs. I would be very interested as to what he saw. I would say that plane got within a mile or two of the orbs. There were no clouds in the sky as it began to snow later in the night. No stars were visable as the cloud cover was low and thickening. If anyone else saw this, please let me know
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Norwood, Massachusetts – 01/13/12
Friday January 13 2012, I got out of work at 5 p.m. and started my regular commute home. After seeing the object a few days before, I started to keep my phone on standby just in case I saw anything in the future. Traffic was light and I was about a minute away from Exit 11B when I started to see a row of lights in the distance. I immediately called my brother to tell him I was seeing an object in the sky about around the same time and place as the incidence before. My brother told me to hang up and record and that was when I put my driver’s side window down and began to record the object flying. As I started to record, I was driving about 20 mph. The object started to gain speed and I tried to keep up with the object driving and recording at the same time. The object started on my left just like the first encounter and it was moving across the highway to the right side. From what I remember the object looked like it was at least 3 miles away. As I continued to follow and record, the object picked up so much speed that within a few seconds I lost it in the recording for a moment, because is was now so close I didn’t realize I didn’t have it in focus. It was now maybe 500 feet in the air and it was moving in a downward motion like it was going to hit the highway. The object looked like it was doing a dive maneuver and as it was diving it looked like 3 rows of of solid lights in a slight triangle shape. As I was recording I started to curse as I thought the object was going to crash when it just changed its angle and went right back into the woods and flashed. As the object started to flash I started to honk my horn to get people’s attention but I’m not sure if anyone was paying attention. I continued to drive pass the exit and as I came up to exit 10 I saw the object on my right side high above me, it was far too high to record safely and then the object flew across the highway above the tree line to the left and then I lost it after a few minutes in the tree line.
I was able to get video here is the link:
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Tucson, Arizona – Oracle & Magee – 1-10-12 @ 10:32 a.m.
i was driving to work when i saw something pass overhead. i looked up then immediately pulled into the parking lot. i could see a rounded triangle shape slowly traveling across the sky. i got out cell phone and aimed right where i was looking but camera wasn’t seeing it. i just started taking pictures. you can see the silhouette of an object but it seems to be pixelated. the whole time i was taking pics i could see the object perfectly with the naked eye! as it went out of view, i jumped in my car and chased after it. i was able to keep eye contact with it for a short while but then it was just gone.

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Abbey Lane, Leigh, UK – 8/01/2012, 8.30pm
traveling in car to my home on abbey lane, when we saw to bright lights in the sky over the houses on westleigh lane they was so still when we arrived at abbey lane i got out of the car and they shot off so fast and dissapered.
about 5 mins later a helicopter was doing circuls over westleigh.
Then we got back in the car to go to my mums on hillcrest ave leigh and the two lights was over the marshes going very slowly down and then vanished
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Feilding, New Zealand – 21/12/2011
Took this photo of a Tiger Moth aircraft and whilst reviewing the photo came across this bright disc shaped object
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San Lupo (Italy) – July 17, 2011 – 18.30 hours
UFO was observed on the San Lupo (Italy). A tourist has taken some photo on which she has then detected a strange object. Intrigued by the finding, she informed about the photos the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) and the Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano (CUBMGC), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting pictures on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of both research centers. The image analyst, Carmine Silvestri, has already started his data analysis on images sent by the tourist. On official CUFOM youtube channel, which can be seen also through the e it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.
The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) end of the Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano (CUBMGC)
Dr. Angelo Carannante (Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo e Centro ufologico di Benevento)

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Australia, QLD, townsville- oak valley – about a year ago
me and my friend were chilling out the back of my friends property. its situated in oak valley just a bit out of town. we were having a campfire and just chatting about how his dog is so brave cause he fights all the wild animals there and isnt scared of anything. (he guards the huge property). then in the distance we noticed 2 lights. we both thought it was strange cause the area they were in is not standard air space. it happens to be right above the biggest barracks in australia. now this is strange cause we have an airport where the RAAF or royal australian air force are situated… the opposite direction. so realistically there shouldnt be aircraft in that area. but it is the military. anyway as we watched these strange lights we were both completely non believers. but as we watched the lights began to move as opposed to the more sort of like a plane taking off look. (the lights originally moved diagonally further away like a plane taking off). they bagan to move at rapid speeds unlike any aircraft our military has. they were moving up and down almost like a jumpjet. but see i know we dont have jumpjets here and this close to the public would be a stupid idea for a top secret military aircraft. so i dont know what it was but it moved across the sky for over an hour then they dropped down and out of sight. almost like they were going to land. but thats the twist you cant land an aircraft in the middle of the Ross river dam when its full of water. strange.
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Cherry Creek Resevoir, Greenwood Village, Colorado – 12/20/2000 01:00
Some friends and I drove out to the Cherry Creek Reservoir to watch a meteor shower as there was very little light pollution there. While watching the meteor shower, we saw something in the sky coming toward us. It was far too dark to determine exactly what it was, darker than the night sky but the shape was that of a glider of sorts. We watched it for several minutes and it passed over us and continued down toward the reservoir. Unfortunately as the gate to enter further into the park was locked we could not investigate further. I have not seen anything like this since, has anyone else seen anything like it?
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Middlesboro, KY – in the 1990’s
Going through old pictures, while in the process of getting ready to move, I stumbled upon this picture of when my dad was a cop. He was heading into middlesboro,ky sometime in the 90’s. I will have to ask him when it was exactly. Sorry picture is old. just thought this was cool. Would be great to get someone to professionally enhance/repair picture.. the cloud is actually falling through the hole, like a bending down shape.
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