Daytime UFO filmed over Bay Shore, New York – October 2011

UFO sightings – This daytime footage of bright unknown object was filmed on 23rd October 2011 over Bay Shore in New York.

Witness report: I just got home from work and was sitting outside with my dog. I noticed an object in the sky, but thought it was an airplane or helicopter. I looked in the same direction a few seconds later and noticed it was in the same spot. I kept looking at it as it hovered and reflected light, so I ran in my house to get my camera,(but forgot my glasses which I need for seeing objects upclose, thats why in the video I am going in and out of focus). I filmed it for about one minute, if you freeze frame certain parts you can see it. My feelings during all this was that of excitement.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I have spotted these "drone" objects on many occasions, some tailing aircraft, then vanish. This happened on perfectly clear days with no clouds in area or around objects. They appear as round featureless spheres with highly reflective surfaces

  2. why wait until now to put that horrible video on you sucky ass camera man I could see it and ur dumdass is like durrrrrr its in the clouds somewhere ahhhh durrrr

    • Why do you think it's ok to talk that way to someone? Did your momma teach you anything? like if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything? I think you are an ugly person.

  3. Ofcause no host say:I dont believe..Whats not to believe anymore..People most be very slow,if they are still in denial..My opinion,they choose not to believe..I mean there`s too many proofs already,or what??WAKE UP…folks

    • I agree, it's real,but how do we know who's in control of it. I don't trust some governments. Most of us have seen the triangles and chemtrails, now it seems these sphere's are showing up world wide. ??????

  4. I saw the same in South Africa in Oktober 2011. I looked with my telescope and it was 5 square flat pieces that reflects like titanium

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