UFO or orb flying over Samnanger, Norway 31-Jan-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This bright unidentified flying object was seen and recorded flying across the sky over Samnanger in Norway this morning at 8:33 am (Wednesday, 31st January 2012).

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  1. We saw the exact same thing in Australia…it just slowly drifted past and then just kind of faded….looked like a shooting star in slow motion!

  2. If its not identyfied and flying,that is what we call UFOs..And ufos cant not be fake..Many other things can be fake and hoaxes/made up things..Please get this:Manipulations with footage,photoshop and thrown objets infront of the camera..Thats the ONLY fakes we have.Think before U hit the fakebutton…!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have seen several lights exactly like this in the sky over Nowra, Australia. Sometimes a smaller light has dropped from the bottom of the main object, which then just blinks out. Does anyone know what these lights could be?

  4. People its a Passenger Airplane… the bright light are spot lights & if you look closely you can see the strobe lights blink. I also recorded video of an airplane and looks EXACTLY the same.

  5. I saw something like this on 04.02.2012 at about 11.38pm UK Time. it was exactly like this. I have seen the same object twice now.

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