Mass UFO activity recorded over Sweden 12-Jan-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of multiple unidentified flying objects was recorded over Sävedalen in Sweden on Thursday, 12th January 2012.

Witness report:  1. They sometimes fly at 400 feet or less in altitude.
2. They have not been detected once by any software or radar program.
3. They sound very little sometimes nothing at all and the sound does not match the craft.
4. They hover above mountains and hills several times a week.
5. They have a orb like shape from a far and they have a strong pulse.
6. They do not belong to any Swedish airports (Software confirms this)
7. They have been seen over my town since 2010.
8. They are not satellites (checked hundreds of them) for example I.S.S and they do not fly over our town.
9. They sometimes fly extremely slow.
10. They disrupt electronics and creates bouncing high pitch electronic noises.
11. They are seen by many people from all over the world.
12. They change shape.
13. They change and relocate positions of blinkers frequently.
14. Police and the government fears them.
15. They are able to cloak themselves.

Altogether i spotted more than 30-40 of them flying around here tonight, from 17-20.00 there where the most of activity over my town. I only recorded about 15-17 of them though, it would had taken up to much space to record all of them otherwise. It is usually always like this when they are around, i normally only record the most interesting crafts, this time i decided to record as many as i could just to give you an idea of how many they actually are when they are flying around here.
Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. a very good quality UFO filming<br />I&#39;m glad that someone is interested and investigation on this as well<br />…basically, aliens or no – it&#39;s one of the most important THEME on today, if not the most<br /><br />thumb up, keep filming…

  2. i agree as well ,dose look like airliners for the most part idk how much comercial air traffic that area gets,i know in MD/east coast you can usualy see at least 1 airliner in the sky at all times if not 5,someone had a good coment about &quot;them&quot; simulating what our aircraft look like,if i wanted/cared to be undetected thats wat i would do just put a strobe on your craft and make sure you

  3. The flashing strobe lights makes me think they are nothing more than aircraft. Is this near an airport by any chance? They seem to move too slowly and with intent to be UFO. Most likely just aircraft.

  4. Very first photo does in fact show obvious green and red navigation lights which are supposed to be on all aircraft and marine vessels world wide.

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