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Your UFO reports: 31th December 2011 – 7th January 2012
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Bradenton, Florida 34201 – 1/7/12 around 9:00
The object was red, orange and yellow. It flashed a few times with the colors expanding out on opposite sides. The object remained in the same spot for about 2 to 3 minutes. Next, the object got very bright and slowly dimmed down and vanished. Six people witnessed it.
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Standrews, Aldi’s car park, Central Bedfordshire, UK – sat,7th jan.430.
i looked up at the moon as it was bright and low.slightly above the moon i saw what looked like an oncoming aeroplane with a short dirty smoke trail.but it wasn’t appearing to be moving.other people in the car park also said they had been watching it.i then got my phone out to take a picture.i noticed something in the middle of the object i turned again the object,smoke trail had completely disappeared.
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Dallas, TX, USA over I-635 and Centerville – 01/07/2012 2:05 am
From the interstate I was driving down, I couldn’t help but notice a flying object with bright neon green glowing bottom and bright red flashing light flying midair..not high enough to be a plane..and definately was flying at extreme velocities…also changed directions numerous times which I found extremely strange…..
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Seminole, Oklahoma – 5:50 p.m. 7-Jan-2012
I was traveling north from a side street to Hwy 9 and I saw a jet flying high above the Wrangler buiding. I saw the usual stream of smoke that follows, but what caught my eye was a round object near the tail of the line of smoke. It wasn’t another jet and it wasn’t smoke. I had to take my eyes off of it to turn left in a westerly direction, and when I looked back up it was nowhere. I just thought I was seeing things, but further west I saw this object, blinking kind of like a star would, traveling at a high speed. At this time I saw 6 more jets traveling around the sky but the object was nowhere to be seen after I saw it heading west. It was NOT a jet, it was round and no smoke was coming from it! I was hoping someone else saw it too, of course I was by myself and didn’t have anyone to vouch for the sighting!
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Litchfield, Minnesota – 7-Jan-2012
I was driving home at 2pm and looked up and saw what looked like a metallic cigar shape object in the sky as I could not view any wings on the object. As I watched it move what I believe was faster than a commercial jet, And as I was watching it all of a sudden it disappeared I couldn’t locate the object any more.
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Hengelo OV (Netherlands) – 6 January 2012
[direct translate from Dutch] Above Hengelo were evenings at 19.15 least 20 of those points of light to see in the filming of January 4th to see point.The were certainly no planes were flying around that time because there are two vliegtuigen.De whole procession went to the same from north-east to south-west.We lights may have only waarnemen.Zat even to think about the drones of the American army, but can not imagine that with so many and so there would be visible zijn.Ook night operations been f16, but that would not fly on Friday.
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Wien, Austria – 06.01.2012
– – – – – – – – – –
Collings lakes NJ – 1/6/2012 @ 930 PM
Saw five big red star like ufo.s traveling west to east @930 pm to 935 pm moving silently first and second moving alone third and four moving side by side and fifth alone.From my judgement i would say they were 1000ft high.These were not aircrafts no flashers and not satillites.
– – – – – – – – – –
northern California – 1/6/2012
This was posted on craiglist in humboldt
Did anyone else witness the huge fireball in the sky tonight?
A passenger and I witnessed a really large fireball fall from the sky. We were driving from Orick to Klamath on the 101. At about 6:30 pm on 1/5/2012, a friend and I saw a fireball fall from the sky. We had just come over the pass, we were facing approximately north by north east when I first noticed a bright light in the sky. I motioned towards it to draw my passengers attention to what I initially thought was a shooting star. It burned for so long My passenger was able to see the fireball as well. It was so large/ or so close,,, that I could see the outline of the Meteorite(the solid rock/ice part)against The shasta trinity alps, and could see how the front of it was not in flame, but the rear had a 2mile long trail of flame and light. Now I wanna figure out where it landed. And go get it..haha.I bet it is worth a grip of money.
– – – – – – – – – –
Southwest of Roachdale Indiana – 01/05/2012
Approximately 8p or 8:30pm in the southwest sky I saw a large glowing …sphere? We live within an hour of a very large airport and this was no plane.It hovered above the tree line for several minutes. I turned all my lights off in the back side of the house to get a better view. It dipped into the treeline slightly but never dropped low enough to be out of sight.The glow was a strange ..shade of white or atleast very bright but controlled. It was like it was watching something or someone but there are very few houses on the other side of the tree line and it is full of empty acres, farmland. As I turned to get my camera out of my bag…it was gone!I am afraid to tell anyone the things I have been seeing because of the fear of ridicule or problems for my children. We have been seeing al! ot of strange things.
– – – – – – – – – –
Croydon, u.k. – 5th jan 2012 – 16:50
my sighting was similar to the friday 30th of december sighting in netherlands i was walking my dog over a big field area near where i live just on the outskirts of croydon england, i always tend to watch the stars but that evening i noticed a group of what appeared to be 5 stars all moving yes moving in the same direction then i saw more clusters of them all slowly coming into view all in different formations but heading in the same direction obviously i couldn’t tell how high they was but it was easy to separate other air traffic e.g. planes and helicopters which were flying way below these things i stood in the field watching them go over head so slow but steady all synchronised not one came out of place even though they were grouped in different formations in total i would say there was 100 if not more of them even though i didn’t count i knew they were in triple figures. Two things that stuck out is they was all the same bright colour of stars and had that same pulsing effect stars do when i watch them and secondly there was two larger brighter star like lights moving with them same direction same speed and appeared to be at the same height to be honest i am baffled i have been looking in all media sources for word of what i saw but nothing. also when i managed to drag myself in i got my girlfriend to come and have a look which she did she was also as amazed as me then we ate dinner about 20 mins after dinner i decided to go back out to see if they were still there the were but to my shock they had all stopped moving and filled the sky and appeared as nothing but stars the same pulse the same colour the same size and formations any info anyone can give me on my sighting please email me at [email protected] as i am not aware of anyone in my area who saw what i did other than my girlfriend.
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Davis, CA – Jan 5 2012
I was outside on my patio smoking a cigarette when I saw a cylindrical UFO. With my naked eye it looked like a cylinder that gave off several extremely bright lights. The craft hovered in place for a while, slowly drifting around in mid-air. Then it rose in altitude slowly. I went inside to get my phone to take a video of it, but when I had returned it was gone. The sighting took place between noon and 12:15 TODAY in Davis, California.
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ISS Space Stream HD – 5-Jan-2012
Colored Lights : ISS Live Stream NASA |record on|
Youtube HD Link : (wait for best quality few instant 😉
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Albany, NY (near airport) – 01/04/2012
i was outside trying to view the meteor shower about 6:15 this morning. i live near the albany airport and sometimes i’m in its flight path. just above the horizon moving north to south i saw what i thought was a twin engine plane. as it was getting closer i noticed it wasn’t gaining altitude. i thought it must be a helicopter. then i realized there were no flashing lights and it was completely silent. to me it looked like an equal letter y or 3 point star 30-40 feet across and completely lit with white light. i watched it get closer and closer until it was about to pass overhead but lost sight of it behind a big pine tree in my yard. i stepped to the left to see if it was hovering behind the tree but it seemed to have vanished. i got a good look at it and i’m not sure what it was. i fe! lt a bit silly but i did call the airport to see if anyone else reported anything and they said no. another thing i though was strange was when i first went outside there was a huge jet vapor trail overhead facing east-west.
– – – – – – – – – –
in the sky Christchurch, Newzealand – 4 jan 2012
a flying object was seen by me and my friends. its like a star but i moved quite quickly :DD
i couldnt sleep that whole night
– – – – – – – – – –
San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, CA – 1/4/2012
My Wife came home and explained that she saw the craziest thing before she got off the freeway. It was a BRIGHT Blue light with red glow emitting behind it. The object was just below the ridge line she thought it was a helicopter at first. Suddenly the object turned bright white dropped quickly (still within view) rose up again and then disappeared. My wife is somewhat of a skeptic so for her to describe this object as something abnormal and nothing she has ever seen before…well lets just say there has been several other things going on in the LA area as of late too. Shortly after we got ready to go out. It was dusk so you could still see definition in the sky. Just NW of our home was two contrails. One which was MASSIVE stretching from the north to the south and very prominen! t and thick. It had a distinct boomerang like curve to it in one area. Related?? Who knows…was the contrail abnormal to me absolutely. Did anyone else see these events?? Keep your eyes on the sky people. Sorry no images to share.
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S.R.84 and SW70th Avenue, 33317 – January 4, 2012
Approximately 7:30 pm, Thursday, Jan. 4, 2012. Six or seven firey lights in a staggered line formation traveling South then fading or seemingly turning East out over the Atlantic. Possibly over Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Difficult to determine speed. Not slow, not abnormally fast. My friend says maybe lanterns. If someone is doing this,, can you PLEASE clear this up, it’s kindofa BIG DEAL!! Can’t believe I didn’t film it with my phone, won’t make that mistake again!
– – – – – – – – – –
Hilo, Hawaii (Close to shore) – January 4, 2012
Light (Orb/Energy) above (hoovering) ocean water. Divided or multiplied, appearing two lights (Orbs/Energy). Steadily glide in (hoover) over ocean’s surface toward shore. Seemed to communicate or ‘respond-react’ to “thoughts”. Moved in closer, moved back out toward horizon, moved toward shore. It traveled a good distance, back and forth, from horizon to shore, easily, and it maintained a continuous, ‘steady’ movement. A large ‘lava rock island’ extended into the ocean, but the ‘object’ managed to ‘glide’ (hoover) just above the water to and fro, without any interruption. At day’s light, the island became visilbe to me, as did the realization that it was not a light from a common water craft. Time: 4:39 a.m. – 5:02 a.m. Wednesday morning, January 4, 2012. Another thin! g: It seemed to wake me up from my sleep inorder for me to notice it!
– – – – – – – – – –
Douglasville, Georgia, USA – 4 jan 2012, 1am
I was standing outside with my father watching a Meteor shower, when we noticed a flashing light off in the distance. At first we thought it was a plane but then we realised it wasn’t moving and it flashed every 7 seconds like a “blip”. I stood and watched it for another 12 minutes. It did move a little bit though, from my point of veiw it moved in a square: left, up, then right, and it did not travel enough distance to be an aircraft. As far as I know most aircraft, military/civilian, dont have lights that blip in the intervals that this did.
– – – – – – – – – –
Rockville Center (new york) on Long island – 1/3/2012 …. approx 8pm
Tonight I went outside to enjoy the weather. I know that most people would consider it too brutally chilly to enjoy. But it was an utterly clear night, with moon. So I wanted to go out. As soon as I got home, I kept my coat on and just turned around and went outside. I just wanted to have some quiet time, and savor the evening air.
The MOMENT, I got outside and turned my eyes skyward….
SOMETHING … cruised by me. very very very FAST.
and UTTERLY silent.
it was down low enough for me to discern a “body” of the craft in the dark/moonlight. it APPEARED to be roughly …. (I’ll say) cylindrical, like cigar-shaped. but honestly it was TOO DARK to see any kind of detail.
but I “saw” that it had a “body”. it was a physical “object”
there WAS, a definite and distinct light on the front / leading “end” and a light that could see on the trailing “end”. In other words, it was a body with a single orientation.
it was CLOSE enough that if I held my hand up, fingers apart to measure it’s “length” my fingers would have been apart about 1/2 inch or 3/4 of an inch.
it could have been HUGE, but relatively far away.
it could have been 20 feet wide and about 400 feet over me.
I’m going to GUESS it was approx 50 feet
to approx 250 feet in size.
just GUESSING by my animal senses.
the main thing is this.
I am not hysterical.
I (at first) expected a sonic “boom” / as in some KIND of military craft going by (ultra fast)
but it was utterly
and totally
it did not “batter” its way through the atmosphere
it “passed through” silently.
and ALMOST as fast as a meteor, (by measure of speed across the sky)
if you had blinked……….. you might have missed it.
if you had simply briefly turned your head away…. you’d DEFINITELY not see it.
I just HAPPENED… to be looking in the right direction at the right time.
it was MOVING like a meteor
measurably / see-ably large (in a dark moonlit night)
and it was SILENT.
THAT was the weird part. is the sheer SILENCE of it.
I know a bit about physics, studied some engineering.
I KNOW a little bit about theory of propulsion
This was truly different.
I have NEVER seen a UFO before.
this was a “first”.
it was traveling… let’s see.
it was going … roughly south/ south-easterly
I Live right directly NORTH of the LIRR about 2 blocks from the LIRR
and the thing crossed OVER the Long Island Rail Road
nearly perpendicularly to the rail road in rockville center.
traveling from NORTH… to SOUTH
I have jets REGULARLY flying over me. (usually east westerly)
and I saw SEVERAL jets at varying altitudes tonight.
I can SEE the underbelly of the jets CLEARLY (the low ones) passing over me. And HEAR them… clearly.
this thing?? !!!
this thing was LOWER than some jets (perhaps higher than some of them, but I do NOT think this was very very high at all)
and it was , far FAR faster.
it was truly outstanding.
I personally WOULD like to know if ANYBODY else has reported such a thing tonight.
I do not have video. you’d have HAD to have HAD your camera in hand and LOOKING upwards with it. b/c it was beyond human reaction time. total time in my sight???
approximately 3 to 5 seconds TOPS.
it FLASHED across the sky, and was GONE.
– – – – – – – – – –
White Bear Lake, Minnesota – January 3, 2012
Saw a hovering object blinking all different colors, we noticed that there was 3-4 hovering in a straight line or a very large triangle. Watched in amazement for an hour or so until cloud cover set in. Very bright,Purple,red,blue,green,yellow and white colored lights. Lots of slow side to side and up and down movements.
– – – – – – – – – –
Finland – 3.1.2012
According to finnish media there was UFO sighting in eastern finland at 3.1.2012 clock 8.18 pm. Large fireball travels accross the sky. Video found at:
And media information about fireball at:
Yle is national tv station in finland, like finnish bbc.
Myself i don´t have any sightings of this event but i just tought you would be interested so i desided to send this info.
– – – – – – – – – –
Orange, California – 1/3/2011
at first i thaught they were bright stars…but then i noticed them blinking different colors and they started becoming more and more.I also noticed that there was little tiny laser beam from one to the other.I counted 21 bright ones but many many little tiny one around them.This is not the first time i see it about a month ago i saw a circular disc that would change colors and then in the blink of an eye looked as if it fell down i was so in shock i ran to a neighbrs house to see if i was imagining them and she also saw tham.
– – – – – – – – – –
Muskerry 34km N/East Bendigo Victoria Australia – 4:17am 3rd January 2012
I was with my friend night fishing,,we were sitting in the car with windows down talking and listening or our fishing bells, I looked to the right and said to my friend there is someone coming across the paddock towards us with a torch, so I got out to see who it was, immediately it shot straight up in the sky and stopped, then there was a bright flash that lit the whole sky, we watched it for at least an hour it almost seemed to be dancing before shooting vertical an disappearing, my friend is still a little shaken and I’m confused as I think there has to be a logical explanation but at this point haven’t found one.
– – – – – – – – – –
east coast of Florida – 3-Jan-2012
I watch the skies but have never seen a UFO till today, it’s now 521pm, 10 minutes ago while walking my schnauzer baron, I was looking east over the atlantic and a flash caught my eye up in the sky. When I focused on the area I saw a dark disc that looked completely out of place. As I strained my eyes to continue to focus it vanished. I had no idea who or how to report this and this was the first website that appeared. Has anyone on the east coast of Florida had a similar experience today ?
– – – – – – – – – –
Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia – 01/02/2012
I noticed something very unusual when watching the Winter Classic on Monday.
During the break between the second and third periods while The Roots were performing @ the 17:03 mark a bright object flashed into, then out of frame.
It appears above the roof on the left field side, then accelerates away from the camera.
I have it recorded on the DVR and are sure that you have access to a recording.
– – – – – – – – – –
Philadelphia/Citizens Bank Park – 01/02/2012 17:03
While watching the Winter Classic game on tv, I saw something very strange.
A band was playing during the intermission between the second and third periods. At the 17:03 mark a very bright rod flew into frame above the left field roof.It then proceeded to maneuver and accelerate away from the camera into the distance.
This object,for lack of a better description, moved much faster than anything else I’ve ever seen.
I do have this recorded on the dvr and am attempting to make a downloadable copy. The game was broadcast on NBC.
– – – – – – – – – –
Los Angeles, Ca – 1/1/12
looking out the window(west) before the new year fireworks. i looked towards LAX i saw one plane land then i noticed strange lights in different parts of the sky .it wasnt a plane or blimp in the air .it stayed in the air for some time. .no planes landed or took off until about 5am when i could no longer see the lights cause sun rising.i have seen strange light for a while now but at first i thought i was seriously crazy when you tell people your seeing lights over LAX and on the night of the meterior shower ,i was watching the lights before i knew about the M-shower alittle after midnight 12/11 but i got to witness this amazing sightings. the bible say look up for a reason…..saw lights again tonight .i wish i had a telescope……
– – – – – – – – – –
Deear Park Ave, Louisville, kY – 1/1/2012
At approx 12:15 Am returning from comedy club,our party of four and neighbor party of 3, first saw a triangle formation with red lights,no sound, moving at a very rapid speed,at least 150 mph., as fast as a jet landing. Then after the triangle formation, we counted another 41 individual lights at the same speed with still no noise. All lights stayed in the same flight path. They came from the northeast and went to the west-southwest. It took about 25 minutes for all of them to streak by. We were not inibriated. We checked the jet stream location on NOAA and it was not dipped to our area. Also, these object were approx 5000 feet in the air but still below the clouds that night. We never saw any news reports nor did anyone else in the neighborhood report seeing them.(It’s pretty quiet he! re) We saw them completely by chance and it stopped us in our tracks. I called 911 and was asked if I was reporting a UFO. I said yes, but many UFOs, not one.
We are still confounded by what we saw but absolutely know we saw them WE just don’t know exactly waht they were. No photo or video- regretably- they were high and fast
– – – – – – – – – –
Park city, Utah – 1/1/12 5:45-7:00pm
A friend and myself were parked in my car chatting at our favorite spot for its view of park city mountains and jordanelle resevoir. Immediately after sundown we noticed a large light in mid sky. I thought a planet yet it was just too large and too bright. That got us started really paying attention to the sky. For the next couple hours we observed with naked eyes and aided by binoculars several large space craft at varying distance from near atmosphere upper atmosphere and clearly well beyond orbit, craft that seemed to emit smaller craft that would manuver away and return to these larger craft. The strangest thing we saw that night was a craft with a red light and two dim white lights come eastward from the western horizon traveling extremely fast in a straight line across the sky we debated it might be a super sonic flight and were waiting for the sound of the engines to catch up when 2/3 of the way across the sky the craft accelerated straight up at a 90 degree angle from its prior flight path making an instant change in direction and disapearing from view in a fraction of a second! We also observed several dim reddish lights in upper atmospher emitting flashes of light and manuvering in such a manner consistant with assault and evade behavior i.e. it
Looked like two craft in a ” dog fight”. The sky was full of activity that night and the next day we had very heavy chemtrail activity so much so the night sky has been obscured every night since. I’ll definately be out there with my camera the next clear night we get though!
– – – – – – – – – –
Albania – 01/01/2012
all things that i was drink in 01/01/2012 when i saw them….But yesterday in Albania,In province of Fier..10 ore more peoples saw a big giant disc that way up our heads…he send to us a big light,,like making a photo…and for 2 sec dhe light become fire and desapear….i cant explain more….but i saw it,we saw it…..was real….thnx
– – – – – – – – – –
Quincy, Michigan – 12/31/2011
Approximately at 9:00pm 12/31/2011 I and my girlfriend was looking out the window to the southeast of Marble Lake, an orange colored cigar shaped object appeared out the southeast, moved very slowly to the northeast for about 30 to 40 seconds, then quick turned white and shot at a very rapid speed…we turn to go back in the house, and saw and identical object following the same course from the same direction and it climbed to a high elevation and shot out of sited at a very rapid speed disappearing in less than a second.
– – – – – – – – – –
San Diego, California – 12/31/2011
A few of us were returing from dinner driving back home, when way up and above in the sky we all noticed a blue/silverish object moving very rapidly without any noise at all, then before we knew it, the object suddenly dissapeared. We all looked at each other not knowing that we all did see the samething. It was very strange and for sure was not a plane. I do not believe or not believe in these ufo’s but not what I personally saw, was beyond belief that is for sure.
I wish we had a video or camera but it happened so fast it was not possible.
– – – – – – – – – –
Willunga, Adelaide, South Australia – 31.12.11
Seen below the Orion constellation and just to the West of Bellatrix (Southern Hemisphere) at around 11pm New Years Eve. A light was seen to flash on and off, as if a star was suddenly turned on and off again. Similar to an old fashioned flash cube going off a long distance away though very very bright. The intensity seemed brighter than the average star. This did this many times with some minutes between flashes. Then a similar one started the same process to the west of the first flashes. Both these ‘stars’ were appearing at different times during the observation. Later a third ‘star’ started flashing to the East of the first ‘star’. All of the flashes remained in the same 3 spots and did not appear to move. This carried on until sometime after midnight. Witness be 7 people at Willung! a and several other people around Adelaide. Did anybody else see theses flashing ‘stars’? Anyone have any idea what they were? I have my own thoughts on this…
– – – – – – – – – –
Monte Vista, Cape Town, South Africa – 31 Dec 2011 23:00 onwards
I was looking North in the clear night sky and about 11pm I noticed a bright red light in the sky, as I live on a flight path to an airport, the light in which hovered for a while before moving in a NNW direction, there was no sound of an engine so it was not a plane.
Then about 20-40 minutes later, after calling my mom to see what I was seeing, I pointed out now 3-4 more bright red objects hovering upwards from the horizon, they also were silent and moving NNW. They then disappeared and 2 minutes later reappeared almost as fast as they had gone before, this time they seemed just hovering in one place.
I tried to get a photo using my cellphone, but unfortunately I was unable to get any photos of my sighting as they were out of range.
– – – – – – – – – –
Uranga, Sta. Fe, Argentina – 27/12/2011
[direct translate] at 23.30 as a friend in the countryside, he saw a light in bright colors in shades of reds, oranges and bright greens approaching him, was at low altitude and very slow, took his cell phone and captured this photo, says he saw a boomerang-shaped, with rounded front and two long sides that came back, which was lit entirely ..
– – – – – – – – – –
Cloverdale, British Columbia – December 23rd
Me and a buddy were hanging out at a park and we both saw pretty much the same thing that was filmed in the nederlands. It was 3 orange lights but they were flying like one under the other with sum space between, then one broke off and went downwards more and the middle one did the same but went right up closely behind the other one. I of course tried taking a picture of it but my iphone camera was too dark I could’t make it out, This has single handedly kind of made me believe in these sightings and the possibility of it all.
– – – – – – – – – –
Neiva – Huila – Colombia – dec 20 2011 , 5:20 PT
Flat, opaque white, circular object moving to northwest.
Pic appears black, opaque with an aura.
– – – – – – – – – –
Surfmaster condo, Gardencity, SC – 1/31/11 11:45 p.m.
2 oval reddish objects hovered and then went straight up and looked like 2 bright stars. 2 appeared to our left over the ocean and moved back and forth and then took off and quickly were out of sight.
– – – – – – – – – –
Nowogard, Poland – 2011
I took this photo a while back & saw a UFO below the birds.
It’s in Nowogard, Poland.

– – – – – – – – – –
California State Highway 99 – 1998
I saw a triangular shaped (three lights at each corner of the triangle) UFO two times at the same place about six years apart hovering over some tall trees on the about 100 meters on the west side of California State Highway 99 halfway between Sacramento And Yuba City CA. In this part of California, there are nothing but walnut and prune orchards and rice fields, just a few housed scatted here and there for about 15 miles north and south of there. Both sightings were during the winter and on foggy nights. The first time I saw it, I got out of my car to investigate. The triangle was about as high as a 3-story building. It didn’t move or make any noise. I watched for a few minutes then got in my car drove off & when I turn back to see, & it was gone. This was around 1998.
The 2nd (around 2004) time I saw it, it was kind of in the same place…I saw the same 3 lights but this time it had like a beam of light pointed north. It was like it had a headlight. I stopped, but didn’t get out of my car. I drove off and didn’t look back.
– – – – – – – – – –
Pontypridd, South Wales UK – 1989
Looked up into the night sky, after leaving my house, and saw a black very pointed triangle shaped craft with five red lights down each side of the length of it and three at the rear. No sound came from the craft and it spun like an arrow going through the air. I ran back into the house and took my relatives to the rear garden as the craft had now passed over the roof , could not estimate the height of the craft but it appeared to very large and high in the air at a guess between a quarter and half a mile. It moved slowly and silently away as we watched.
I met a person at an air show some time later in 1990 who also saw the craft above the town of Brecon some 35 miles away and his account was much the same as mine, except the craft was being followed by an RAF Tornado fighter aircraft at a very slow speed.
Your opinion?
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