UFO video filmed over Mount Bisbino, Italy 7-Jan-2012

UFO sightings – These bright crafts were caught in the sky, heading north on the Monte Bisbino, a mountain of Lombardy, Italy. Recorded on Saturday, 7th January 2012 around 5:20 pm.

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  1. there is either a increase in ufo ore people are making bloody good fakes / if they are real the governments are not telling the truth . they must now what is going on

  2. I think taht this video is faked, because you can hear that the second UFO is switched of. And the main UFO disappears very strangely like if somebody would cover it up by a piece of paper.

  3. Overcrowded????Hehhehheh..Somebody want us to believe that and obviously it works?If we just made a non-monetary system and ofcourse woke up..We could easily be 50billions..The planet is a lot bigger than many people think…Share and stop the stupidity in every way..And there would be more than enough for at least 50bill..hhC

  4. Too me it looked like a reflection of LED lights on the window. In fact, when they disapear, it sounds like a switch clicks off.

  5. I'm going to go with fake on this one. Between 50s & 55s the lights clearly 'disappear' behind an edge of some sort. My guess is these are lights reflecting on glass (a window?) and they 'disappear' behind the edge of something in the room.

  6. I have seen something very similar to that, twise. Traveling from south to north in Cupey PR, made a very low engine sound. I call it a small square jet, and I have tried different searches with no luck. What I saw was moving pretty fast.

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