Daytime UFO activity over San Antonio, Texas 7-Jan-2012

UFOs 2012 – Interesting daytime video of bright spheres hovering in the sky above San Antonio in Texas on Saturday, 7th January 2012.
Witness report: January-07-2012 was an Extraordinary Day…Multiple Sightings of high altitude Glowing ORBs..Were caught on videotape over San Antonio,Texas…

Jan-07-2012 was a perfect day for Skywatching in San Antonio,Tx…This day began As i was sitting under my porch facing west..I notice a high altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..I crabbed my camera for a closer observation..Three Glowing Orbs could be observed..This first sighting lasted for several mins..The next few Hours was followed by these High altitude flying UFO ORBs..This video is a part of these Events As they Happend..

First Sighting took place at 12:13 am: Three Glowing Ufo Orbs filmed traveling East..
Second Sighting took place 1:34 pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..
Third Sighting took place at 2:08 pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..
Fourth Sighting took place at 4:54pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..
Fifth Sighting took place at 5:08pm: High altitude Glowing Orb traveling East..
These ORBs are clearly not aircrafts/ or weather ballons.
Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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