Man captures video of spinning blue UFO cruising slow over Utah – January 2012

The stunning image of a UFO was captured on video last week, but is it an alien craft, or is there a simpler explanation?
Anthony Piceno, of American Fork, Utah, said he was drawn to the sight in the air because it was like nothing he had ever seen before.
His footage of the object later appeared on The Weather Channel.

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  1. Yeah of course, not swamp gas, not a helicopter, it must be a model airplane with some led lights on the tail!<br />………oh wait no, its a para glider at night! Really? anyone else sick of the excuses? Lame explanations? oh wait, I know its that pesky Bullwinkle baloon from Macys Thanksgiving day parade. Headed staight to Utah right after hitting the light pole………Rocky dont worry he

  2. I love the color.The shape really looks like the &#39;50&#39;s Flying Saucer! Wow!When can I see the ENHANCED FOOTAGE? I&#39;ll be waiting. Thank you!

  3. For this to be confused with a model that has LEDs it would be close enough for one to hear the noise created, some of which exceed 110dB @ 1kHz.<br />It&#39;s good to filter out the intentional hoaxes but let&#39;s not be too quick to judge.

  4. This was a project for a website,I saw the video and how the guy made it. I&#39;m not &quot;jerk&quot; I&#39;m actually a believer of extraterrestrial life. I like to study what i see and make sure there is facts, not just assume things.<br />Here&#39;s the link if any one wants to check it out.<br /><br />

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