Triangle UFO over Rural Retreat, Virginia 5-Jan-2012

UFO videos 2012 – Strange triangle-shaped craft was recorded in the sky over Rural Retreat in Virginia on 5th January 2012.
Witness report: During the night of 01/05/12 I was outside my home doing some sky watching.At 8:38 P.M. I noticed aircraft heading my direction from the ENE.I turned my camcorder on and recorded the aircraft;which,at that time I thought to be a military refuel mission, as it passed my location heading WSW.At the time I was recording the event I had reservations as to whether or not it was a refuel mission.
A short time later at 9:06 P.M. I noticed what appeared to be the same craft heading my direction from the SW.As the craft was approaching my location,the craft were making a slight turn to the north and then to the northwest as they crossed directly over my location.I also recorded that event as well.While recording the event I realized that it was not a refuel mission!
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. This has to be some new aircraft from the Air Force, the triangular shape is being photographed more and more, the flashing red light in the center gives it away as manmade.

  2. This is one of the Best Videos I have ever seen. I hope someone will do more work on this and get more detail. I sent this to a Friend right after I saw it on Mufon last night. It has a Cunard Wing type appearence but that is NO Jet this Pilot of 40 years has ever seen. Forget the sound. "They?" can make ot sound like anything.You guys with software, PLEASE polish this one up. It's

  3. I googled and seen a video titled strange ufo with sounds and the strange sounds people were hearing around the world came from a triangle shaped ufo same as what is in your video beware or believe that there are here for good.

  4. Ok this one looks good, there needs to be some serious investigating on this video but from what I see we may have a winner!

  5. That's wierd, it's extremely similar to one seen many years ago also documented on tv in "I know what I saw" check it out.

  6. to tell the truth it looks to be sum type of jet with canards(small wings on front) and example of this would be the the new eurofighter typhoon – the saab gripen-and certain types of migs-either way its def somthing cool to catch in the sky-Matt_bpd-

  7. It's definitely man made but maybe a secret stealth craft I heard the yanks have sound dampening equipment… Prob straight from area 51!!

  8. @ 3 min. mark in video, craft discharges light plumes in rapid succession from what appears to be the bottom. These did not flair in the way that one would expect to see if it was simply a light source flashing but again, formed downward plumes. Very odd.

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