UFO activity over Palmyra, Utah 14-Feb-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This video was recorded over Palmyra in Utah on Tuesday, 14th February 2012.
Witness report: From my apartment window overlooking southwest Utah County observed two orange/yellow fireballs about five minutes apart slowly ascending in the sky. My girlfriend and I observed the same type of object a few days previously about 40 miles away in West Valley City (flying over Valley Fair Mall).

Both fireballs seemed to originate from close to ground-level starting above the city of Palmyra, Utah (appx. 40.148832,-111.719799). They ascended gradually in the air at roughly a 35 degree angle. Im guessing the objects were 10-20 feet in diameter.

The first object headed due north and reached an altitude of approximately 10-15,000 feet (slightly higher than half the altitude of commercial jets that frequently fly above the path of the these two objects). After approximately two minutes I lost sight of the first object as it passed behind trees a few yards from my balcony.

The second object seemed to arise from the same area traveling somewhat north, northeast. It flew for about 3/4 of the distance as the first object but abruptly faded and vanished.

I would estimate their speed to be faster than a twin-engine plane or transport military helicopter, but traveled about as fast as the life-flight helicopter which frequently flies in the same area to and from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

I was able to record the object with a Sony DCR-TRV11 digital video camera. The objects looked to be active balls of flame changing colors from orange to yellow. There were no blinking lights and no other observable lights coming from the object.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Witnessed similar event around 7:30p in Mesa, Az on 2/12/12. I was outback facing the SE skies when a large orange ball (looked like a plane on fire crashing to the ground) shot out of the horoizon line.i couldnt see where, or if, it landed but have seen meteors before and I know it wasnt that.

  2. I am the person who shot this video. I assure you it is not a fake. As I watch the video now it hardly does the real experience justice. In the video the ball of fire seems like a spec in the sky but as I watched it rise up in the sky it seemed impossible that thing looked and acted like a ball of fire. There were no blinking lights. The tracer light you see in the video was an artifact from

  3. videos never do justice, people just have to eyewitness it to believe! even then there skeptical. the truth is out there!

  4. I'm a resident in Draper, UT. Interesting that we did not hear about this on the news. Usually we hear about events like this. Makes me wonder if they didn't want to cause panic. This seems very real to me. I myself have witnessed odd things like this here in Utah.

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