UFO activity filmed over Homestead, Florida 16-Feb-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of unidentified flying objects was recorded in the sky above Homestead in Florida on Thursday, 16th February 2012.
Witness report: I’m not a “UFO” “aliens” “I believe” type of person but this was intense -* I saw this on my way to work this morning in Homestead Florida. It was a huge fireball at first that broke up into smaller pieces. I thought it was a huge comet or a piece of the space station. They were coming down hard and fast and then they just stopped in mid air and started hovering back and forth slowly in curved S like movements. They then just disappeared. They were very similar to the el paso UFO sightings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEtTl9cGrJc I know this cause I looked it up after the fact. I have never been into alien ufo sightings. If anyone saw this this morning hit up the comments. It left me shaken for a bit.
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  1. Dude Im tellin you I saw the same thing but out in space, Im in Daytona Beach. Its nuts. Nobody else looks up in the sky anymore. Its almost like everyone else is just dumb or something. Theres your wakeup call man. This world isn't ours.

  2. These lights are everywhere. They are actually highly intelligent and know the minute anyone is watching them. Usually they are stealth but recently they have started revealing themselves. The triangle formation is chosen due to the fact that it symbolic of the beginning of creation and the foundation of the world started with that as a foundation. Its the beginning of time meets the end of time.

    • I saw something REALLY similar to this outside my window on the Gold Coast, Australia. My boyfriend got out of bed when he saw an orange light out the window. I told him it was probably a streetlight and laughed, then he pulled me up and I saw three orange lights moving above the city in a strange formation. They were getting brighter and dimmer, as though they were moving closer and further away

  3. I was going to pass this along, but did not because of your disgusting filthy language. You should kill the audio of your filthy language and re-upload.

  4. Such a nice nice video in the early morning..Good footage from the car..They are simply everywhere these days..Keep looking up and keep the Spirit up to..The change is near..If not already started,start with yourself..Remember ALL wars could end this coming monday,its totally up to every single one of us..So be a good(the best)examble of a loving caring person..It WILL change everything fast…hhC

  5. Why is it at the end of the video when the lights disapear from the sky the camera finally stops shaking. You can now see the landscape well the street lights are not jumping around from movement.

  6. Interesting they held the formation of the Big Dipper for a while. Also interesting they disappeared with sunlight. Nice photo work.

  7. I think you should try to figure out from where you were, to where " they " were desending to and try to plot a line. Might give up a clue. Arev there any bases in that general direction? Nuke plants? Or other point of intrest.

  8. Why does a caption on the video say it was from 2/19/12? I don't believe that this was filmed yesterday and edited and posted that fast.

  9. A similar incident was reported on Feb. 16, 2011 (I&#39;d post the links but it&#39;s not allowed, a quick Google search will get you to numerous sites).<br /><br />Is it a coincidence that this has happened on the same exact date 2 years in a row? Nope. Now check out this article from the US Army Golden Knights website:<br /><br />UFO’s over Homestead, Florida?<br />by DAVE HERWIG on FEBRUARY

    • I thik you&#39;ll find that skydivers dont wear jet packs that allow them to move up, down, left and right. there were others sightings of this as well. I saw 4 vids of this sighting alone.

    • As a soldier who used to be stationed on homestead and as a skydiver myself I can say that this is skydivers under canopy. That explains the S like movements and the reason it looked like a fast moving meteor was they were in formation free-fall. Then they broke formation and delta tracked away from eachother and opened their canopies giving the illusion of stopping in the sky.

  10. First of all its a really beautiful video with that morning light! =) <br /><br />I think these lights are descending too slow to be parachuters and if they were one would still see the parachute and the guy hanging under it when the light goes out. I think we can rule out chinese lanterns aswell because they wont move around like these do. Also it feels a bit too bright for being parachutes or

    • They are consistent with the Biblical description of angels. All of the &quot;orb&quot; sightings are. Including the sightings in space. They are at work for God as He is trying to get our attention.

  11. Perhaps it was large meteor that broke into pieces upon entering the Earth&#39;s atmosphere, where each piece took a slightly different trajectory and eventually burned up before falling to Earth.

  12. What&#39;s up with the music and the three displays? Did the aliens play this music or was the clip doctored? Please if you want ANY credibility don&#39;t mess up your evidence!

  13. RE: &quot;I do not think it is the Golden Knights because this video of them doing their thing does not resemble this ufo video at all. Just my opinion but here is a link to one of the Golden Knights night jumps:<br /><br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17BS0muHByM&quot;<br /><br />WOW really?? Not at all?? I disagree- definitely just watched the Golden Knights link which for me pretty much

  14. I&#39;m staring at the sky night and day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. I always have my digital camera/video with me all the time. The only thing I&#39;ve been able to capture are the chemtrials. I&#39;ve yet to capture anything out of the ordinary. I do believe we are not alone, I just wish I could see something positive, before time runs out. William

  15. No BALLOONS,here.(I have seen enough clips of &quot;mass invasion&quot; balloons to last three lifetimes. Thank God this is NOT one of them!)This does not look like meteors, nor flares. Could someone do a spectrum analisis??

  16. very weird. Also i think people should stop making excuses that are oviously not the case. i mean can ski divers really just fall and then stop in mid air? Also,why jump with flares? and over a city?<br /> <br /> no offense meant though.

  17. golden knights practicing at Homestead ARB, This base is thieir winter home for training.<br /><br />Only aliens here work in the fields…..and scatter when ICE shows up

    • I checked their website and the calendar they have posted on their site says that they are indeed are training now in Homestead, Florida. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/goldenknights/. I couldn&#39;t find any photos of their jumps though that resembled anything like in this video but if they are using lights in their jumps at night then I think we have our answer for this particular video. The

  18. I just saw one of them last night (03/03/2012) from SW12 Balham-London at about just after 6pm when I was driving home from Camberwell.I was stopping at the red light to turn to Ramsden road and saw it came across the sky from my left Its moving fast, bright, stay still abit then moved up and down for around 30sec and disapear just like a blink away.<br />Saddly that I could not take a good

  19. Hi everyone, <br /><br />These lights have been all around including the central Florida area. If you observe the video the lights were using sequential formation algorithms. It would be interesting if the original video is available for further analysis. Great catch!!! 😉 Again this is happening all over in the state of Florida for those who think that this was Sky divers, meteors or even

  20. Well after review of the video several times and reading some of the posts people submitted… I don&#39;t think it&#39;s a lantern or skydivers. I would also imagine the camera would shake while operating a vehicle and trying to record something out the window? Was definitely an interesting video that shouldn&#39;t be dismissed.

  21. Great video.<br /><br />Let me add that most nay-sayers are people who simply can&#39;t wrap their brain around UFOs and yes, that can be hard even for people who&#39;ve seen them. On the other hand you have a select group of Narcissists and Sociopaths who simply can&#39;t imagine anything or anyone greater than themselves! It&#39;s time to quit wasting energy on these folks. IGNORE them, for

  22. i don&#39;t normally write on these site, as i just enjoying watching videos, and make my own conclusions. but what i have noticed, there seems to be people trolling these sites saying everything is a fake etc.<br />how about this theory, these people are actually employed by governments to debunk any photo or video footage put on these sites. just a theory folks !<br />i mean why else would they

  23. I am active duty military and live in Homestead. Definitely the parachute team. I am stationed there at a small Coast Guard detachment. That Airforce base is used by all the military branches in south Florida for training. Not to mention DHS, CIA, and the DEA. they all run night ops there. The other day my neighbor knocked on my door because he saw some hovering green lights over some woods close

  24. I am active duty military and live in Homestead. Definitely the parachute team. I am stationed there at a small Coast Guard detachment. That Airforce base is used by all the military branches in south Florida for training. Not to mention DHS, CIA, and the DEA. they all run night ops there. The other day my neighbor knocked on my door because he saw some hovering green lights over some woods close

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