UFO fireball over Texas – February 2012

Latest UFO sightings – A dashboard camera in a police car captures a bright light near Belton, Texas on Wednesday, 1st February 2012. It was spotted as far north as Stillwater, Oklahoma, and as far south as Houston, TX.

ITN news:


CNN and scanner audio from Dallas P.D. and DFW:

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  1. I saw this fireball in Texas while driving north on highway I-35 near San Marcos around 8pm last Wednesday. It did in fact have a long tail that turned from red and white to green and white. I was expecting to see an explosion it looked so close! It appeared to be an object burning up in the atmosphere….

  2. i saw a fireball justlike that here in toronto about 2 months ago if u do a google search of fireballin etobicoke google latest metours in ontario u will prob find it but i saw it like no one else sdid it was almost like u could have reahed out and grbbed it it was just above my head in the sky when shot across the sky i watched it till it like exploded or went out and u could see it break up

  3. On June 22, at approximately 11:40pm in Lakeway, Texas last night, four of my friends and myself looked up toward the western sky while we were outside on a clear night. One buddy pointed out an object in the sky which looked like a burning fireball moving slowly across the sky then it stopped and stayed in one place for about three minutes. I am a commercial pilot and I have been flying for

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