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Walnut Creek, CA – 8:10 pm Feb. 5 2012
3 bright Orange Lights appeared to be hovering over the Walnut Creek, CA area in a spread out triangle formation. There was no audible sound. Picture from camera phone shows no lights, and when I ran inside to get my Mom and Dad for them to see, the Lights were gone when we came back out.
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Tel Aviv, Israel, Middle East – Feb 5th, 20:00 Israel time
I’m just looking at the Orion constellation and there’s a strange, blinking shape flying slowly around the constellation – when looking with my x20 optical camera it looks like 3 dots (the points of a triangle).
It’s still flying around for the last 40 minutes!
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Westminster, California – 02/04/12 9:40
Saw 3 moving objects that looked like gold colored satellites moving from north to south over LA County. Two objects in line and one object in middle off to left/east.
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Genoa, Italy – 04/02/2012 – 20:40 PM
Big light in the sky was seen yesterday over Molassana’s sky (Genoa, italy) for about a minute.
The light was red-purple, very big, standing over a hill.
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Domlur,Bangalore,INDIA – Time:22:28 – 22:45 hrs IST, Date:4th Feb,2012
Me and my wife had just returned from the shopping mall, and were unlocking our door when I noticed those bright lights moving steadily in the sky. My wife just dismissed them by saying”these are just “chinese lanterns” which she had seen before in Kolkata and went inside.I told her about the way they were moving was very different, and asked her to get our camera quickly. After that we watched these lights coming from the Koramangala” direction, crossing our locality Domlur, and moving towards Majestic (Railway and Bus terminal of Bangalore).The movement of the aircrafts/UFOs was steady, both of them moving side by side, one a bit ahead of the other, maintaining the angle between them, accelerating together in a synchronised manner.The dominant colours were orange and red(with intermittent small flickers of yellow and pink as well)The light flickering was of high frequency, (as it is seen off a spinning object rotating at a very high speed on its own axis).These two lights/UFOs crossed across the Bangalore sky, within 1-1.5 minutes(approx), without making any noise- they were moving in unision in complete silence..Even remote controlled UAVs make some feeble noise! These two were soon followed by two more which took a path that was almost above our building, close to the moon in the sky, but moving in the same direction as the previous ones.You can see in the video, – the bright white light is the moon, whereas the red one is the mysterious light. 4 of these were followed by a single one, and then followed by another two.These were within 250 meters away from us,when passing us by..After that they were seen no more..I seriously missed a good DSLR with tele/Zoom lenses and a tripod, as i could have captured more detail. Mine was a simple canon 12 MP automatic camera with 16x zoom.Since the subjects were moving away fast from right to left, and I was trying to keep them on the right side of the screen, to see their flight pattern, using maximum zoom, the subjects appear to be very shaky(lack of a tripod!!)in the videos.I have taken some stills too. So far I had read about UFOs since my childhood days, seen them in many movies, and youtube clippings, but this was the first time for me to see them in the night sky of Bangalore with my wife.
With the old airport and the airforce base nearby ,testing of some experimental mini aircraft cannot be ruled out,but when I checked out the net for UFO sightings in India, I came across the recent Pune sighting video on youtube and the look was very similar. Moreover if testing a UAV, whats the need of flickering bright lights, and testing a fleet of 7 at the same time? Well, whatever they were, I liked the way they looked and moved across the night sky. I have ALWAYS believed that we are certainly not alone.We’ve NEVER been.
These video clips are untouched.I could have edited these,added the pics etc and made a precise video with some voice-over.But where’s the time! tk cr, n njoy!
Youtube video links:
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Palm Desert, CA – 02/04/2012 at about 7pm
My son and I were driving home from dinner last night when we saw a large, bright, round white object with a red light in the middle of the craft hovering up above us in the sky. Neither of us have ever witnessed a UFO sighting, and we are both educated, skeptical people when it comes to UFO’s. The craft was NOT a plane or a helicopter, it hovered in one place while spinning slowly in circles, then a few minutes later it would change direction just a bit, then hover in circles again. This hovering went on for about 3 minutes, during which time the radio turned itself on in my car. We were both amazed and petrified. A few minutes later, it appeared near the surrounding mountains, seeming to race with lightning speed across the sky. It was the whitest, brightest object in the sky we have ever seen, unlike anything, and the fact that it had a large, bright, red light in the middle of this round craft was very strange. We definitely believe it to be a UFO. The fact that the radio went on by itself at the same time of the sighting only reaffirmed our opinion. I left my cell phone at home so I was not able to take a picture of it, but it was extremely large, round, white, and bright, and spun slowly in circles while hovering.
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LA, California – 2/4/2012
A friend of my told me she saw something early in the day on 2/4/2012 in LA. She said she saw something in the sky changing colors. Her and few of her family got to see it.
This is her exact words,
“It was hovering in the sky for over an hour! It was pulsing colors like some form of Morse Code. Then it just disappeared but it never moved in any direction.”
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Toton, Nottingham, England – 3rd Feb 2012 – 23:40
There were 3 objects at about the same height but at different points in the sky. One of the objects I have seen in the same place on 3 occasions now but this time one of them flew straight over me and my husbands head about 1000 feet up. It had the brightest white lights at the front and back and a number of red lights either side of it. I took a few photos of two of the crafts but one just seeme dto jump all over the screen my camera couldnt get it focused and the second that flew over our heads looks so bizarre on camera. The one with the red lights was like a craft with what looked to be like a fixed wing but it made hardly any noise, it definately WAS NOT a craft from this world!! My husband is a real skeptic but even he was freaked out by this.

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London, Kentucky new 30 – 02/02/2012
i was driving over to a friends house..while driving im always looking up and around..well im truning off of daniel boone parkway on to new thirty it all seems the same for about a mile n half when i spot something in the sky..located around the house i was headed towards..i keep my eye on it for it was like nothing id seen never seem to move..i then pull into the drive way going up hill i continue looking at it..still has not so scared putting my car in park..i jump outta the car run to the house as im looking back at this thing i beleave to be a ufo..i run up the stairs and beat on the husbon friend come to the door i say hurry look at this thing what is it…? they are just looking without words i dont know what to had 2 red lights 1 white light and a green nose it then starts to take off it comes over the house when it get so far in front then the 2 red lights move away from it and goes one way while the big part goes a nother idk what it was but i know it was something that we had never layed eyes on before
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Kilburn (a suburb in Adelaide), South Australia, Australia – Adelaide Time 4:20 (approx), 2nd Feb 2012
(I have just saw one NOW. However, I cannot tell if it was an aeroplane or the “UFO”, so I’ll just report it as an UFO and see if anyone else can verify it.)
It’s before dawn here. Time was from about 4:10am~4:20am or so, just awhile ago as I write this report.
Sky had no cloud and I could see stars shining.
Looking up North West sky, I saw a small bright object flying with no sound.
It was flying in one straight line towards Eastern sky.
I was watching it while facing South, as it travelled from North Western sky to Eastern sky.
It had red, green, white lights flashing continuously but sometimes it looked like the flashing pace changed time to time. However, it may well be just my eyes.
My glasses has purple colour through faintly, which deepens colours.
Aiming about 20 degrees tilting towards East from above my head, I stuck my hand out as far as I could, used 2 fingers to measure the length it flyed within 10 seconds or so—the result was about 8cm length. If anyone can use this info to figure out the speed, altitude or anything else, please use.)
No sound from the UFO; too high to hear/truly not making any sound?
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Fagerman, Idaho – 2/2/12
Just save 2 orange lights, move back and forth above the windmills on bell rapids at 8:30, and then just disappear. It was proabley just some airplanes from hill air force base but it was strange looking.
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Google Maps : Easter Island – 2-2-2012 2:00 pm
Hey , I spotted this whilst looking around Easter Island , I spotted it on one of those 360 degree photos on there at the South end of the island next the volcanic crater .

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Miami, Ok USA – 1 February 2012 around 8:00 PM
So my sister and I were on our way home from church, and there was a bright lime green orb about the size of the moon that fell out of the sky. It got smaller as it quickly fell and dissipated into the ground, so it probably was going south.
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El Paso, Texas – 02/01/2012
Did you hear about another sighting we had in El Paso, TX on 02/01/2012 it even slowed down traffic and was caught on a traffic camera. Id didnt see it myself but here is the article on the local paper
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Seysses – France – 31/01/12 21 / 22 h
We watch the TV with my dad , and we see in the windows , a light which went very fast to the sky, as if she was going to crash on the ground, then very fast she is to go back up(to raise) and we did not see her any more. It is the first time when I saw that, my father he had already seen it one or two others long ago .
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Shreveport LA – January 31, 2012
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Avondale, Arizona – january 30, 2012
At around 9:20 pm we were on yuma road heading east when I saw a huge diamond shape in the sky, the lights flickered bright white and they seperated and went off fast toward the south the same speed as our car was going then they stoped in one area but I ran inside my house and don’t know what happend to them.
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Largs Bay, Adelaide, Australia – 30 January 2012, 9:50pm
My husband first saw 3 very bright lights (as bright if not brighter than the evening star) travelling in a triangular formation in the south west of the sky. We were sitting in the back yard of our friends home and I had to stand to see them above the roofline of the house. We watched them travel very quickly (much much faster than a domestic air craft) – each obviously moving independently and wavering a little in their flight path, but maintaining a triangular formation. It took between 5 – 10 seconds to travel across the sky in a northerly direction before the formation flattened to a line and the two lights at the rear peeled away from the light at the front. They disappeared quickly after that, as quickly as they had appeared.
The speed at which they travelled discounts any ordinary aircraft. Even the military aircraft I’m familiar with don’t travel that quickly. It was the strangest thing we’ve ever seen in the night sky.
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Ashkelon, Israel – 30.01.2012 – 20:30p.m.
Me and my fiance were walking on the promenade near the beach, and as we started to go back, my fiance stopped me and told me to look up to the sky. He pointed somewhere, but I couldn’t understand what he was looking at. Then I saw it – there were two “stars” that were flickering in white light. At first I thought they were just stars that were closer to earth then the others, that’s why it looked like they were flickering, or maybe even far planes, but then they started to move slowly to the west. it looked like they were floating in the air. They’re white lights changed to red, and there was about a 3 seconds gap between each flicker. The 2 objects kept moving to the west, when suddenly, one them started to approach us. I looked around us, and it looked like no one else noticed what was going on.
The object kept approaching us and then suddenly, it began to fall. It fell very slowly (took it a couple of minutes) and there was no noise at all when it hit the water, so my fiance and I figured that it must’ve fell somewhere in the Mediterranean between us and Cyprus – too far for us to hear, but close enough for us to see.
The other object seemed to have stopped for several seconds, and then continued to the west. Passing only a couple of km’s, 2 more hovering object appeared. The 3 objects just kept hovering up in the sky without any movement at all, and kept flickering. It couldn’t have been planes, because planes can’t hover with any movement.
At some point, the 3 objects flew back east. They flew slowly the first couple of seconds, and then – I didn’t turn my sight away for even a second, nor did my fiance – they flew away in a super speed with leaving nothing but a trail of of a dull white light.
Miri F
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La Jolla Shores (Bird Rock) San Diego CA – 29 Jan 2012 2:45 am
A friend and I were fishing off the rocks at Bird Rock which is in La Jolla sSan Diego CA. I was packing up to leave when I caught out of the corner of my eye a green glow which darted across the sky. I thought I was seeing things but after my 1/2 mile walk back over the rocks I realized this thing did not move it was hovering over the ocean and off to the right was another on. One had blue green and reds lights moving in a circular motion the other one was more red in color. We watched these for about 30 mins then the red one took off into the sky and the other one went into the ocean. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.
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Albion, Michigan – 1/29/12 around midnight
On 1/29/12 at around midnight me and 2 other people witnessed the most amazing thing we have ever seen in our lives!
We see strange orange lights in the sky by my house almost every night so at first we just thought it was the same thing we see all the time but we couldn’t have been more wrong!
It appeared in the east sky and slowly moved upward, we could see it move behind tree limbs and appear again with out us moving our eyes… As we watched it for about an hour i noticed that it was not what we see all the time and something very different!
When i finally got my camera and tripod set up and started to film it i was blown away and totally shocked and amazed at what i seen through my viewfinder!
Well why don’t you just take a look for yourself…
Video link 1 (original footage):
video link 2 (original footage cleaned up with a sharpening filter through adobe premiere pro 4.0)
as you can see this is not anything that i can explain and have no idea what this could be! We went inside to upload the footage onto my youtube page and because we were freezing and needed to warm up but when we came back out side it was completely gone.
Well that’s all i can show you or tell you as this is all the info i have on what we witnessed and filmed.
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Barcelona, Spain – 28/01/2012
hi I send the link to a video we did last 28/01/2012 on 19:30 in the terrace house in Sabadell (Barcelona), facing east, if you see interesting, there were more lights but not evident in the grabacion.Estamos a bit surprised that a little less than a year we have seen from the terrace house 3 or 4 sightings, all day other than that of the recording
Youtube video link:
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Italy, Rende CS – 28/01/2012
[direct translate from Italian language] The sighting was at 10:00 AM on 28/01/2012. The images are really impressive, the only problem when zooming. Around here I often see these sfere. The video was published on Youtube:
– – – – – – – – – –
28/01/2012 21.45 hs. – Carlos Casares, Argentina
[direct translate from Spanish] in a westerly direction Northeast was observed an object with the shape and luminosity of a large white star, heading for the city, about 2 minutes, then and at any moment happened to red, at that time watched as he took direction north, making a ninety-degree turn to be very small and disappear.
left no trail, no blinking its light, no sound.
wonder what we saw???
– – – – – – – – – –
Tamaqua, PA 18252 – 01/27/2012 4:30am
live in PA I woke at 430am and went down for coffee on my way back up the stairs..I noticed out of the corner of my eye out the window that I was passing..I saw 3-4 orange redish balls in the sky..I turned to look at them thinking it might just have been something reflecting over the top of my nieghbors house but I realized that it was further away from his house in I was looking at it…which I was thinking it was blurry vision at first I focused in on them and noticed that they where sorta spinning around each other and there where actually five together! I have seen othe UFOS 2x’s I have never saw anthing like that before!
– – – – – – – – – –
Azle, Texas – Jan 27 2012 12:40 am
There were three of them going over our house.They were triangler in shape and the bottom was three circular bright red lights not blinking just really bright and there was no sound coming from them and they could change formation in seconds.I have seen alot of our military air craft including the stealth and this wasn’t any of them.
– – – – – – – – – –
Grants, New Mexico – 1-26-2012
As I was driving towards the town of Grants, New Mexico in the evening of thursday January 24th 2012 I noticed something. I was driving along the main interstate and I saw an extremely bright light on the side of Mt. Tyler. It stood out because it was far away and it was very very bright. I watched as it “hovered” there for about ten seconds and then it started to move updwards. It then shot off into the sky with a blistering speed. It was fast! That was the last I saw of the object as I passed the town Grants on the main interstate.
– – – – – – – – – –
Donoratico (Tuscany – ITA) – 20/01/2012
[direct translate from Italian language] The photo was taken on stat ‘hinterland near Donoratico (Tuscany – ITA) on 20/01/2012 at around 12.30 (the date is incorrect digital detectable)
I dropped the ‘eye of an object in the field at the top right. and I drew the part PS exalting simply highlight and shadow.
I am attaching the images in high res. (orig. and processed) you can then do the vs. checks

– – – – – – – – – –
Pinarl del Rio, Cuba – 1/10/12
[direct translate from Spanish] The photo I take a friend with a cell phone on the road towards the town of San Luis in Pinar del Rio Cuba, if we do not know but may have been sent for analysis and draw their own conclusions,
– – – – – – – – – –
Oaklands park, south Australia – saturday 7th January, 3am
i was standing outside with a friend of mine watering the garden when i looked up and saw a huge round ufo it had 3 coloured lights on it that apperared too be turning in a cirle on the back part and portal like bright holes at the front many of them bee hive like in multiples white looking my friend said too record it but my phone wa sin my room inside and by the time i got it n came back it would have been too late so i decided too just stand there in amazement. It was traveling kinda like commercial airline speed constant in the same direction south eastern direction from left too right traveling in the direction of the coast towards victoria it was 4 times the size of the moon and was defiently under commercial airline height it travelled with no sound and the lights were as bright az christmas tree lights it was amazing and the porals at the front were bright like glow stars the the bedroom when you were young this was amazing too see another too add too my list of extrodanary things ive seen in my life
– – – – – – – – – –
Over Victoria Peak, Hong Kong – December 28, 2011 – Around 3pm
Well, I’m saying this is an UFO but I just want to know if it really is or just some kind of other object. In the first file, it’s edited with the first photo of the bright, red glow of the orb encircled and a thumbnail of the object zoomed in, The second photo in the file is just a comparison AFTER that particular photo was taken. The angle and direction of the picture before the appearance of the orb was a bit different since my mom who took both pictures with my iPod Touch 4th Gen. moved a bit.
The second file just shows the original photo of the object.

– – – – – – – – – –
6986 piedmont center plaza, Gainesville VA – 12/24/2011
I was outside of my store and me and one of my drivers saw a large very bright light zoom over our building about 2000ft up and going at least 800mph or more go over the homes on the other side of the street and stopped hovered for about 20 seconds and then the light just cut off. The light was very bright did not dim out just turned off!
Lydia White
– – – – – – – – – –
Corby, England, UK – 3am dec 2011
You can hardly see the ufo its to the right just above a house it turned green in colour ,then when it went west from east it turned green ,you carnt make out the coulors,it only looks like a white colour, but the thing what freaked me out about this ufo, was when i played the recording back,i noticed a flash off sumthink came out of the lampost and headed to the ufo,i thought it could of been from when i moved at a certain angle, but i slowed the video down ,and found that this was not the case i think, iv also seen a triangle ufo above corby power station and have another witness to this aswell..?
– – – – – – – – – –
Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia – 10/11/2011 22.00hr
I was on my computor and looked out of the door and saw a green flashing light moving quiet fast, i picked up my camera and ran out side the ufo stoped and went back the way it came it changed colour to a bright red and i managed to get a photo.
– – – – – – – – – –
Little Rock, Arizona – sept. 27th 2011
I take my dog outside every night at eight. On the night of September 27th, I took my dog out in the backyard. As soon as I looked up coming from the northeast was two huge orange-red round balls of light. The orbs were very close, tree top level. There was no sound at all, if I had not looked up I would have never seen them. These orbs were the same size, the same distance apart, and they flew together as if they were connected to a craft. I watched while the orbs speed up and climbed higher in the sky. Also my dog along with every dog in the neighborhood was going crazy. It took hours for my dog to calm down. To this day my dog acts like she is afraid at night in the backyard. After the orbs sped up and climbed high in the sky, several jets came behind the orbs going in the same direction. Also on the same night at the same time another person reported seeing an orb high up in the air with jets chasing it. They were west of me which is the direction the orbs were heading when I last them.
– – – – – – – – – –
Shaver lake, California – 8-14-2011 10pm
i was taking pictures looking for meteors when i captured these images. nobody i know can explain them. each frame is 10 seconds with 1 second inbetween. i have been told that it is a satelite but i have seen many and it doesn’t look like any i have ever seen. i am not sure what it is, i know that is not an airplane, i don’t believe that it is a satelite, and although it looks like a meteor it lasted too long. if anyone has an idea of what it is i would like to hear it. i did compress the pictures for this e-mail but i do have them in RAW files also. any info would be appreciated.

– – – – – – – – – –
Fairfield, CA – 2007
So in the beginning of 2007, possibly may, my fiancé, my two stepsons and my 5 month old and I were on our way back from Fairfield CA heading back to Sacramento. We had only been on the freeway for about 10 minutes when I screamed what the hell is that?! Everyone looked up and saw it and basically were in awe. Something, was about the size of a beach ball and brighter then The moon, it’s light was like nothing I’ve ever seen before it was so bright and close. It appeared to only be about less then a mile above us and it hovered in the same spot for about 5 seconds and in the blink of an eye it zoomed faster then anything humanly possible upwards to The sky and disappeared. We still talk about it and we all firmly believe it extra terrestrial. Have you heard of anything like this before? The reason I can’t get it off my mind is because two nights ago my fiancé and I were out shopping at 8pm, that’s when we both saw far into The sky what appeared to be a blue star, but then it turned red. This thing was moving across The sky, it wasn’t a plane, it was so high in the sky that it was tiny, but it’s colors we’re clear as day to the naked eye and it was moving fast.
– – – – – – – – – –
Peru – August 1960
My friend Professor Guy F took this photograph of an U.F.O. during his road trip through Peru in 1960.
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  1. Many of these photos are ridiculous! the link for the El Paso Times is FAKE. This page is now much worse for (expletive deleted) to come and try to fool folks. I really think there should be some kind of screening of reports, especially obviously fake photos.

  2. These are obviously (just like said) reports from the readers, without selection (and censorship!).<br /><br />I respect that, i guess some readers who sent this are ridiculous.

  3. Most of the reports follow a true awareness that speaks to the masses:We are being contacted!Are we ready for unilateral messages to be broadcasted in a form of flashing colored lights, like the movie,&quot;Close Encounters&quot;? Anyway, Please keep that camera ready, because Lord knows it&#39;s nice to share.Thank you all.

  4. posting fake pictures and bad links to legitimize those pictures does not help the masses&#39; awareness of what&#39;s occurring…or does it not matter to you?

  5. on 15 feb 2014 at night in bangalore India i saw 12 orange sperical objects moving fast, even i have its original photo ,im afraid i dont know how to upload it .U can observe all these stories are dated most on feb an january i think it appears on these months

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