Unidentified flying object filmed over Northern Illinois 5-Feb-2012

UFO sightings – Some strange bright object was seen and recorded in the night sky above Northern Illinois on 5th February 2012.
Witness report: I let my dog in from the backyard and saw this strange light hovering in the Northern sky, towards the IL/WI border and grabbed my hi def cam to record it. My son and I shot this video as it happened. This did not appear to be any aircraft that I’ve ever seen. About 10 minutes after shooting this video, the light was gone. Did anyone else see this or get video? Any ideas on what it could be?
Author (TheTubeWhore @ youtube)

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  1. Where in Northern IL?<br />Around what time did you see this?<br />I live in Wonder Lake, IL. and I saw a weird light in the sky, but it was around 6:30 PM.

  2. Not sure if a link will be allowed, but I will tell readers to check &quot;VorlonGod&quot; channel for &quot;Visitors Over Illinois&quot; for some actual footage over Freeport and a tutorial on what I and the co-producer of this film know about our &quot;star cousins&quot;, who they are and why they are here.<br /><br />I believe the pulsating mentioned is &quot;light throwing&quot;; in other

  3. In response to the sighting last night Febuary 5th 2012. I live in the Rockford, Illinois area and also saw this object. I watched it thru binocular&#39;s that I own but didn&#39;t get pictures or video. I saw your post and was surprised someone else saw this and caught on video. I also observed it for about 10 minutes or so and it seemed to keep moving downwards at a slow speed until it finally

  4. My wife and I filmed this same thing over Indianapolis, Indiana the 3rd of Febuary.. in fact we filmed two of them. Then as we were walking into the CVS a wild set of lights went over, and it was not a copter because the coast guard had copters in the circling the city over Super Bowl weekend. I have not figured out how to post videos off my new camera yet (its ok to laugh..I&#39;m 50 and don&#39

  5. Amazing !! Just Amazing !! since i have seen such an object passing through Chicago&#39;s sky at the same date the video claims to have been shot, it slightly appears to be rectangular, exact same object i have seen with my own eyes. I am extremely curious whether this is the same object i witnessed along with my friend. STUNNING !!!!!

  6. this is no fake!<br />i have also witnessed this light, at feb 2, 2012 at possibly 5:42 pm!<br />that object must travel quite quikly because iv seen it (as i just explained) and i live in the UK!

  7. I was walking my dog in the Otto engineering parking lot in Old Carpentersville, looking up at the beautiful clear sky. When an object moving very quickly caught my eye in the sky. It was not lit up at all! It was moving Much faster then the higher up, slower moving airplanes in the sky. It moves across the sky northeast to southwest towards Geneva,Il. The sighting occurred at approximately 6:

  8. I saw and filmed an object 2 Feb 2012 at 00:30 am in Istanbul, Turkey over Marmara Sea. The object has blue, green, red colours changing. The object was shining as if there were lots of small light dots on it. And also it was waving in the sky like a kite.

  9. Last night, March 14, I saw the same thing. Don&#39;t know what it was but definitley not anything I&#39;ve seen before!

  10. I saw the same thing with my mother and sister at about 12:45ish that same night. It was making no noise at all besides a low discrete almost deep electrical humming sound that only me and my mother could here.When I went outside to look at the object i saw 4 of these bright objects. Let me say that earlier that day there were many black hawk helicopters flying around and over my house. Plus

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