Amazing daytime UFO over Mexico City 12-Feb-2012

LUFOS – This interesting daytime footage of unknown object hovering in the sky was recorded in Mexico City on 12th February 2012. 
More info in the video!

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  1. Looks like the ufo is morphing. its able to change its look by manipulating its molecules. The lights are like plasma that moves around accordingly. Why it changes itself like that is the bigger question I think.

  2. yea everything in the sky you can't explain is a balloon! Just like the Roswell crash, the supposed balloon that they say it was, was only launched from ONE base at the time and it was the base that Jesse Marcels was an officer at! So I think he would know what a balloon they they launched all the time would look like!! It is funny how something has to hit humans right square in the face

    • Why do you always launch into a diatribe when people call a ballon &#39;a ballon&#39;?<br />When you say things like &#39;All you skeptics, and non believers will find out soon enough!&#39; you just sound creepy.<br />I&#39;ve seen UFO&#39;s! I&#39;m convinced we are being visited because of well documented incidents such as &#39;Japan airlines&#39;<br />Having said that 99.9% of sightings and

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.<br /> Just because I don&#39;t think this is a UFO, does not mean that I don&#39;t believe in UFO&#39;s! <br /> The honest truth is that the majority of the videos posted on this site are not true UFO&#39;s!!<br /> If you think it&#39;s a UFO why not explain WHY you think it&#39;s a UFO, instead of calling people stupid!

  3. What&#39;s so sad is that we take oil out from the ground to put in our motors for lubrication so it can function. You don&#39;t think it helps the plate shift smoother. My point is we are all ignorant in one way or another. Is it a weather balloon or is it a fat ignorant viewers&#39; big whopper wrapper that they threw out of there surburban while texting and viewing this post. Once again who

  4. The tape is so doctored and screwed with there&#39;s really no hope for you to have any credibility with this. What program did you make this movie in? Getting people to believe you even used a camera will be a hard indeed

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