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Your UFO reports: 10th March – 17th March 2012
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Utah lake/Provo boat harbor – March 18,2012 12:30am
I went for a drive and ended up down at the Provo boat harbor because that’s usually where I go to think and I looked up and saw what I thought was a plane because they usually fly in over the lake. As I looked at it closer it wasn’t moving, just hovering. I watched it for about 20 mins and it didn’t move at all in any direction, it had a big red light with a strip of white lights above the red light. As I was driving away it zoomed away in a split second and completely disappeared. My best friend saw the same thing as she was sitting down at the Provo boat harbor in the same area, around January 8th, same description but it came out of nowhere and just hovered over her car for about 10-15 mins and then zoomed away and disappeared in a matter of seconds.
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Old Orchard beach, Maine – 2012-03-18, 8pm
we were backing out of our driveway and noticed a sphere shaped fire ball not like air craft but it seemed on fire it moved slowly but in a low altitude so not very high in the sky we decided to follow down the road of the direction it was going in but it wasn”t visable .we turned around to go the other way down the road and caught another glimpse of a lighted aircraft not a plane a neighbor also came out of their house to witness what was our second sighting of something un ordinary maybe a meteor shower but this was lit up red then an orange glow and again it was slow we stood there a good 3 min watching and then it got dimmer and disappeared like a candle got blown out,we noticed also their was a few planes and maybe a helicopter i know what we saw was not an airplane or helicopter you could tell the difference so clearly i do need to add that it was 2 different sightings it was not the same as the first one we saw they were different if anyone in this area has seen the same please email us we would like to know.
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Janssen Street, Dagbreek, Welkom, South Africa – 17 March 2012
I have not seen an actual UFO in my life and am very sceptical regarding UFO sightings but I must share my experience this weekend with you:
On Saturday evening 17 March 2012 at about 9.05 pm myself, my girlfriend and her father was enjoying at chat over a cup of coffee in the courtyard at the back of the house when all of us noticed something strange in the sky:
3 orange/red round objects was flying low (about the height of light aircraft flying) at a speed a bit faster than light aircraft coming from southwest direction flying north towards Gauteng province. Following them was a 4th similar object.
Strangest of it all they made no sound, flickering lights as with usual aircraft flying and were flying in a formation.
The night was clear with no clouds only the stars visible but unfortunately we did not have time to get a camera to take pics as it flew over the house rooftop and we could no longer see it as there was not enough time to view from the northern side of the house due to their speed.
I do not know what it was but it was most certainly not normal aircraft!
This is not a hoax as we are 3 people who witnessed these strange phenomena.
We anxiously waited for news reports on the radio and television but alas there was nothing.
I hope someone else also saw this elsewhere in South Africa.
The location was in Janssen Street, Dagbreek, Welkom, South Africa.
I do not know where to enquire officially but I do no not expect any positive responses…
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Davidson County, North Carolina over Baden Lake – March 16th, 2012 11:20P.M.
My friend, her fiance and I were at the lake unloading their jet ski into the lake and i saw something flickering in the sky so i started looking at it and then i suddenly became in a trance and could actually see that it wasn’t flickering it was some sort of craft with 4 rotating flashing lights one on top and three on the bottom flashing clockwise. It sat there for about 3 or 4 minutes then began to get farther away kind of slowly then it got to a certain point and its like it took off or was sucked out of the atmosphere. This experience was life changing and at the same time earth shattering.
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Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA – 3-16-2012
i just spot it early today at 8:25 pm and it was weird it went off then all the sudennly it got big flame and its gone…….
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Clinton, Illinois on the back pourch of my friend Nicholes house – friday, march, 16, 2012 around 8:30 pm
I was just seating on the back pouch enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having and gazing at the stars. Then something caught my eye at first i thought it was a shooting star then realized it was to dim and kept traveling through the sky and if it was it would have burnt out already. Then i thought maybe it was a bat or something flying through the air and light might be reflecting off of it but the lights stayed solid but dim. Unlike the flight pattern of a bird or bat. I could then see and out line and it was rectangular shaped i tried calling for some one to witness it with me so i wouldn’t sound so crazy. By the time any one got out there it was already gone. There where no characteristics that resembled a plain or jet not even flashing lights. it seemed long yet it would have been moving side ways and moving much faster than any jets i could see.It was also traveling in a north direction. It sounds crazy but i know what i saw and i came in as a skeptic.
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Japan – 15/03/2012 , 20:00
Youtube user ismael342 caught a giant ufo in the sun in 11 march Nasa
SDO Sun images, but not viewed in this video is the huge triangle in the Sun reported by Ufo Sighting daily (, who is feeding or feeded by the UFO.
To see the sequence go to
and put start date 9 march and end 13 march
to see better the UFO choose telescope gold and better the triangle
telescope green
Its unbeliavable and necessary rethink everything in this universe we
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Wynnewood, Pennsylvania – March 14th, 2012, 8:35 PM
me and my mother were walking home from being in town when what we thought to see might be an UFO…. we were walking down Farwood RD… and we saw people taking pictures of it…. so we knew we were not crazy… we stoped them and started talking to them about it…. It appered to be a white dot…. of some sort and seemed to be hovering. We then saw other peole taking pictures….. and we then proceeded to contact and report it in wynnewood penna.
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Ypsilanti, Michigan – March 13 at 1:45 am
I saw lights moving horizontally and didn’t payit much attention (thought maybe a plane) until they just stopped. I went to the window and opened the blinds and there was a huge black triangular shaped thing moving toward our apartment. this thing was really close. I could make out details. it hovered then moved extremly slow towards me. what I saw was unbelievable and I don’t know if anyone would believe me but if anyone else in my area saw what I saw last night would someone let me know?! I wish
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Edmonton, Canada – March 12 2012 8:30pm
I was sitting in a truck in the parking lot of a convenience store and I looked up at the night sky and saw these strange horizontal lights. They were multi-colored and in a string. It was the same lights as the Tijuana ones in February.
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Cali – Colombia – 12 March 2012 – 17:00 -17:30
[direct translate from Spanish] I am professional in my country in Physical Therapy, I am not a charlatan and instead wanted the utmost seriousness and clarity regarding the topic, I’m trying to figure out even with the air force if there were ships of some kind (human, I mean created by man, machine or glider type models, cometismo or parachute) over the city, in order to determine whether a sighting of ships saw no land.
Tell you what happened:
About 17 hours was at the Athletics Stadium Pedro Grajales fulfilling my internship supervision work with students from the Universidad Santiago de Cali (I am a professor in Physical Therapy), an object appeared on the horizon appeared to be a paratrooper and then saw behind other 2, then what appeared to be the parachutist came together to parachute that deploys the air, ie transition from a vertical to a horizontal position, start trying to give logical explanation, the parachutist can not do the movement described above or rises as increased later, paragliding, it can not do this movement or rises to the height increased later and the area is southern Cali and paragliders do so on the north, cometistas come in horizontal and not vertical position and do not reach the heights they reached later, ultralights do not reach the height that rose, helicopters, had no propeller (rotor?) upper planes, planes, not suspended in the air as these objects did not rise vertically , I have understood however that there is technology on some aircraft that can do this, but I doubt they have aircraft of its kind in Colombia.
I return to what was observed: they were ascending and went from a linear to a triangular formation, suspended for a period of 3 minutes or so and then began to rise in that position in a vertical triangular and gradually lost, until that moment heaven was disappeared once clear and the sky clouded, the clouds covered up the spot where they had ascended.
I attached a video and here comes something truly inexplicable approach blackberry devices and the computer screen did not appear, looked out of the screen and were there, turned and looked at the screen and not registered, I thought that as were so high zoom or not captured as the screen is small and not looked at the screen of my pc’s could see, but oh! surprise, not shown, it seems so useless the video, just sent it.
It should be noted that there is an air base in the city but I think that has nothing to do with ships of this air base because in that moment we saw a plane going from north to south, almost in the direction of these objects, but the plane east west clockwise rotation being returned in the direction of Marco Fidel Suarez air base.
The video does not charge and send it with this text to mail sigieren top of this page.
Please I want something serious.
Video link:
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Stafford, UK – 11-MAR-2012
UFO IN UK STAFFORD, It moved so fast left to right and back again with another orb attached to it. I thought it was a chinese burning thingy but i zoomed in and it was not.
What the god damn is this it looks like there are two of them Look at the small light above and below below it. I can’t explain this. Dated 11March 2012 early hours 0240hrs approx .
I now think something is out there, not me out my mind.
– – – – – – – – – –
Ganado, Texas. Country side – 3/11/12 – 11:00-12:00
Picutres arnt very good. Took them with an iphone but there two round bright lights, but if you look at the middle of the object its soild.
– – – – – – – – – –
Jackson Hts, NYC – March 11,2012, 9pm
My husband and I saw a flying globe in in the sky at about 9:30 last night. We thought it was an airplane at first, but it was too small, and noiseless, perhaps a kid’s science project. It definitely Had a fire burning inside the globe. It was fiery and very curious, then it was gone. It was about 3 feet in diameter.
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Boskruin, Johannesburg, South Africa – 9pm CAT, 2nd March 2012
At 9pm CAT I observed a flash of light in the sky in a SE direction looking towards the horizon. I had observed a few interesting lights which I interpreted as aircraft during the evening and twice saw satellites pass directly overhead in low earth orbit. I’m mentioning this as I know the difference between aircraft, satellites and astronomical bodies in the sky. The light that caught my attention was like a flare of plasma or when a gas (like methane) ignites. It was bright and reddish white colour to it. What was interesting is that this plasma looked to have flames only at the edges. At this stage the object was very high and my first reaction was that it was a meteorite entering the atmosphere. I realised pretty fast that this was not the case as I heard no tell tale sonic booms or streaking tail of an object burning up on entry. Instead the object “drifted” like a leaf down and to my left, paused in this position briefly ( causing another “flare”) then drifted down further to the right, paused again (another “flare”) and drifted down and to the left again. Whilst falling in this manner the object became more visible as a disc and glowing like hot metal out of a furnace. The glow from this heat like effect was making the object stand out nicely against the dark night sky. It had descended about 25km in altitude to roughly a kilometre above the ground. At this stage it stopped the falling motion and moved in an arc towards the west where I was standing observing it (arc went towards the north ending with the object moving westwards right towards my position). It continued to move towards me until it passed directly overhead. At this stage it was about 800m above my head and had a diameter of 80 to 100 meters. This plasma flare with fire at the edges would occasionally occur (mainly when the object changed direction or hight). It remained looking like hot metal the entire time I observed it not changing colour at all. Having observed military and civilian helicopters fly over during the course of the evening I KNEW that this object is NOT a helicopter. It made NO HELICOPTER RELATED SOUNDS. It was NOT A FIXED WING LIGHT OR COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT. IT MADE NO AUDIBLE PROPELLER OR JET ENGINE SOUNDS. Furthermore it HAD NO NAVIGATION LIGHTS ( RED,GREEN,WHITE LIGHTS THAT ALL AIRCRAFT ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO HAVE ON AT NIGHT). It took about 3 minutes for entire sighting from beginning to end and ended with the object moving westwards at LOW altitude IN COMPLETE SILENCE WAS NOT OF ANY TECHNOLOGY I KNOW OF. IT WAS TOO BIG TO BE A TERRESTRIAL AIRCRAFT. IT DISPLAYED NO CHARACTERISTICS OR DESIGN FEATURES OF ANY KNOWN MAN MADE CRAFT. IT WAS COMPLETELY SILENT AND ENTERED SA AIRSPACE FROM A LOW EARTH ORBIT HEIGHT TO ABOUT 800M ABOVE MY HEAD WITH RELATIVE EASE. The object was witnessed by myself and 2 friends that both work for the government at local and national advisor levels. Both of them failed to understand what we had just seen, what was even more upsetting is the fact that hey both refuse to talk about the event AT ALL and have remained silent to the present. I know what I saw, i can draw this object and show its flight path accurately if needed. It was a disc-like craft, 80 to 100 meters in diameter and passed 800m above my head in ABSOLUTE silence emitting no light except for the glow of “heat of the metal exterior” marking its presence.
I will testify to these facts IN ANY COURT.
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Rainier/Yelm, WA – Late Feb., 2012
We were able to capture these photos of an unexplained craft in the sky over the top of our Yelm/Rainier, WA home. It was moving very fast, and disappeared after the last photo.
These photos are untouched and raw, just as snapped a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps this explains the round white circles we had found in the snow with no footprints around them. Or, perhaps someone has a guess as to what this strange night sky object could be. If it is a space craft, I would have never guessed that it could be that beautiful color.

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El Paso, Texas – feb 1st at 5pm
Saw more than five in one day but in the span of a week three different sightings the last 3 consecutive days in a row at exactly the same time of day
i have footage on my face book under my vidoes link 3 full minutes of day time sighting
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Passaic, New Jersey – July 17, 2011 at 3:30pm
I was driving home that day when I noticed 5 to 6 bright star like sphere objects in the sky. They were actually in formation (looked like the Big Dipper pattern in the sky)this caught my attention and I had to pull over and record the event on my cell phone. Later I reviewed the video from my phone and noticed the objects did not show up, but I did observe that as an air plane was approaching their location the UFOs formed a smoke screen to hide themselves from the approaching plane and then reappeared after it passed. This made a believer out of me. It’s very hard to tell friends and family what I saw because I am a Christian and stuff like this is not taken very serious according to my belief.
Video link:
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Rotterdam, Netherlands – Jan, 2011
I took this picture without even realizing the UFO. When I downloaded the photos in my laptop,I observed this strange object.
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Brisbane, South Australia – 24th of November 2009
Today I’ve realized that three photos, which I’ve taken on the 24th of November 2009 in South Australia from a moving train (moving north) called The Ghan, could be a UFO.
The first two photos were taken at half a second apart with the push of a button, and the third photo was taken 50 seconds after that.
The second photo ends with (1). You can see that the train moved very fast because of the bushes in alongside the train tracks.
Please have your specialists look at them and see if there is indeed a UFO or an optical illusion.

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Sunderland, UK – 1991
It was early afternoon, probably between 5-6. The weather was a bit cloudy, but the visibility was quite good. I had a good view of the skyline being on the last floor of a building. I saw three saucer shaped objects with lights (cannot recall the detail of colour) on the circumference of maximum radius. Two of them were too fast to be observed. The slower one however I observed. Going at an amazing speed it made a right angle turn. Then they disappeared. The entire experience lasted for less than one second.
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  1. I am so glad to see this report, On the same day Saturday 17 March 2012, at about 19h30, myself, my two sons, their fiance's and my 8 year old grandson noticed a star moving in the sky – it moved quite fast and changing direction quite fast too. My grandson noticed it first and exclaimed. We all looked up to see this 'star' moving in one direction and then the opposite. For a

  2. We also have been following these sightings since Saturday the 17th nite. This is in Edenvale Gauteng. They are objects in the sky, flickering of red, blue etc. When they are around, there is no planes around, and we live close to the airport. There was also 2 bright lights in the sky, and about an hour and a half they disappeard. There is a lot of sightings in our aria. We actually spotted

  3. I saw the same, in Slovakia, half year ago.. 3 really fast flying objects, in tringle formation, without noise, and really low, about 1 km over ground. Sure not planes, not ballons, not asteroids or satellites. After couple months I found here in Slovakia another person who saw the same..

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