Men In Black Were Captured in Security Camera After UFO Sighting

Maryland-based Aerial Phenomen Investigations Team (API) released a footage showing a unique physical feature of men in black. The strange looking men dressed in all black received attention when they enter on a hotel. The employees initially thought that they were twins. These men were captured on a security camera of the hotel when they entered the lobby in a straight strut.
Hotel’s employees who talked to the men described them as tall, extremely pale skin and no visible facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Employees were shocked to find out that these men have big blue eyes that somewhat hypnotized them. They mentioned that these men in black did not blink even once.
This is surely a strange story from the hotel’s employees. Could this be real or just another work of some guys looking to create situation just for laughs?

More info in the video!

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  1. Men in Black video: very cute: especially the description about the unblinking eyes. I once had a cousin like that and he certain freaked me out… I would have liked to have heard more about the sound of their voices, what language they spoke, did they sound like Americans, did they have any odour… Etc. But really cute.

  2. We have been invaded for years now.there is even one in the Pentagon,he has full access to the building.He never leaves the building either…

  3. men in black are normally human beings not as the employees of this hotel my belief is this is just a hoax on someone they know.

  4. It´s hard to say if this video is real or fake. Who knows what happened after that?. If someone has an answer, or saw something, please make a comment. Thanks.

    • You made me laugh, thanks 🙂 By the way, for SURE we are not alone. There are Advanced Beings visiting Earth and have been doing so for eons… and I reckon more now than ever… look at all the amazing Crop Circles and ufo/orb sightings on YouTube… And no wonder it's getting bigger… It's Time to Wake Up People! And Most Importantly: Be In Your Heart Not your conditioned mind/emotions

  5. This footage reminds me of a strange man I saw walking along a street in Sydney back in January. He was dressed the same as the men in this clip, wearing the same kind of hat and black sunglasses. He looked very strange with a waxen complexion and no visible hair, there was just something really odd about him. I jokingly said "MIB" to my brother as we passed him.

  6. my friend and i stopped AT a Marriott Motel to check a flight schedule and to use the computer we were promptly told by the obnoxious hotel front desk person to leave WE HAVE EYELASHES AND BLINK ! unbelievable that you wouldnt detained these two since they have no reservations what are they doing there

  7. a little freaky with the long coats its 85 outside ..cant tell if its wool or just a trench coat from the video cant even see their faces

  8. if it was realy MIB we wouldnt be watching the video they would have made it so it never existed – also et would prob have real humans working for them in missions like this one in highly populated areas – would you work for an et if you wer contacted? – matt_bpd

  9. Yes, they are human. <br />They were formed in Personal Magnetism, especially Fascination. That&#39;s why they don&#39;t blink.

  10. its all true..and your a f*** idiot if you think otherwise..~the proof is all over the place but people fail to even pay attention..brush up on your studies..either your scared to admit it or your not opening your eyes

  11. I guess I’m very curious. If I saw anything like this in person I would try and touch to see if it’s real or not. Everyone is always warning if you encounter what you think is an e.t. not to touch. So, what happens if you do? LMAO. Just curious. Does your hand fall off or something, or maybe you can tell if it’s the real deal. Possibly a projection, or some type of light energy. I don’t know.

  12. In 2007 when I was only 17 I was laying in bed in Felixstowe (Suffolk,UK) when all of a sudden I looked up to see a very tall, pale man, dressed in a black suit and a white shirt with not really any facial features at the foot of my bed. You would think scream or ask what he was doing there but there was no feeling at all it was like I had been sedated, not that I tried to move at all. I just remember not feeling anything. I was just thinking close my eyes and he will go and repeated this in my head a couple of times before I eventually closed my eyes. I then woke up an hour later to see no man standing there. I was very confused afterwards but not scared. I had a few nightmares after this where he was chasing me through train stations. I wish I could relive this moment and ask him why he was visiting me or ask him who he was. I’ve also seen an unidentified object in Colchester (Essex,UK) a few years later hoovering over the water tower in the town centre. This was very unnormal as the way it moved I had never seen anything like it. It hoovered up and down for about 3 minutes then shot off so quickly leaving a light trail behind it. To those who think extraterrestrials don’t exist you’re all foolish. The picture above is very similar to what this guy looked like but the guy at the end of my bed did not wear a hat. Has anyone else had a strange encounter with this sort of Extraterrestrial (MIB) before?

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