UFO activity over Las Vegas, Nevada 21-Mar-2012

UFO sightings – These videos of mass UFO activity in the sky above famous Las Vegas were recorded on Wednesday, 21st March 2012.
Video #1 – witness report: If you watch this on a PHONE you will NOT see me point out the OBVIOUS with ANNOTATIONS! It gets really crazy at the 2:30-3:00 minute mark! At 2:58 you’ll see an AMAZING pattern! In the first 1:30 I EASILY DEBUNK ALL THE BIRD/BAT THEORIST!

THESE ARE NOT BIRDS! They are NOT BATS… They are NOT Balloons… They are not RED BULL SKY DIVERS… They are not FIGHTER JETS… Its not a LASER SHOW… They are not MOTHS… They are NOT FROM THIS WORLD! Period… point… BLANK! I’ve heard it ALL… BIRDS/BATS FLY! And they do so erratically. They don’t gracefully HOVER SIDE BY SIDE! They do not BLINK! Nor do they spawn from each other creating NEW BIRDS! Are bugs really flying THAT HIGH in the air??? Watch the LINKS before you run your mouth about how this isn’t real!

The event I captured in this video changed my life forever. More and more these exact same sightings have been popping up all over the world! I can share similar videos with you upon request. We are NOT alone. The governments of the WORLD have lied to us for YEARS! In today’s world full of technology, iphones, ipads, pocket recorders etc, the truth is coming out, but on our own terms. Soon, world governments will have no choice but to disclose what they know. Either that or whatever is in these ” ships ” UFO’s whatever… Will make it happen on their own. There has to be a REASON for the increase in activity all over THE WORLD!

This event took place on March 21st 2012 over Las Vegas BLVD. Nevada is without question littered with UFO activity. Especially as of late.

Watch how the orbs move. Watch how they interact with each other. Some even dart off at amazingly high speeds. Study this video and you’ll find these orbs making patterns and forming several triangle shapes.

This video is the REAL DEAL. I ask that ALL of you start paying more attention to the sky. And please share any similar experience with me. There’s a lot of weird freaky shit going on that can no longer be ignored.

Author (UFOzAreVeryREAL @ youtube)

Video #2 – witness report: Video of UFO’s over the luxor light in Las Vegas. The sparkling lights spiral around the luxor light and go hundreds of feet into the air. The camera only picked up a few of these lights. At the time there were hundreds swirling around. You could see these lights all the way across town. Even when I pulled up to the luxor you cant tell what they are.
Author (Vegasfennecfox @ youtube)

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    • Bats fly with a larger radius. they go way out before coming back into the area full of bugs. coming at the bugs that way allows them to use the sonar better, there blind. i see bats all the time i live in the woods. watch them sometime…………..this is not bats, kinda looks like it could be a reflective kite being flown in the light. or tinkerbell and her friends

    • Im not a bat expert like Jon but living in Vegas for 27 years and partying at a Mandalay bay hotel room over looking the luxor light. I can tell you that these are most definitely bats.they've been here for years and happens usualy in the warmer months.and there not flying in a triangle your looking at a lot of bats that are coming in and out of the light. i guess people sometimes see what

  1. Interesting.<br /> I hope you got to see George Wallace you could learn a lot he is very funny and does not use filthy language.

  2. this is wild! and things are getting progressively harder to explain. the movements are similar to something hanging from a string. although I am baffled by this, I have no technical expertise, and given the vast amount of disinformation out there, I have to remain a little skeptical. high speed right angle turns or an actual landing is needed.

  3. I am quite sure this is NOT alien technology. and putting a &quot;warning&quot; at the beginning of your video doesn&#39;t strengthen your evidence. YES, UFOs are REAL–BUT this is not what you think it is. even if it is unidentified…it is not alien. Frankly, it looks like the Luxor is responsible for the lights. that&#39;s all–nothing more. very pretty, but not mysterious.

  4. Holograms, balloons, birds, bats, Chinese Lanterns? The only thing that could be left, is a mathematical wizard to decipher all the patterns created.Maybe there is a code.If not here, then elsewhere.We really should be getting more chances to communicate with foreign entities.Yes, more questions than answers.(Telepathy should work better than deciphering this video.)

  5. I was actually there. I pulled right across the street from the Luxor and you still could not tell what they were. Yes they look like bats lower close to the light but they were also so far up and the higher they were the larger they got. Much larger then any birds I can think of.<br />Typically the insects the bats or birds go after fly pretty close to the building and right over at the tip of

  6. Yeah I&#39;m sorry but as impressive as this is, it is most likely just birds or bats chasing insects that are attracted by the big spotlight that is shining up into the air. Had the spotlight not been there it would be another story. Sorry guys.

    • You are absolutely right. I live in Las Vegas and I see them all the time. My wife works at the Excalibur and what these tourist are seeing are birds eating the bugs that like to keep warm in the Luxor beam. They&#39;re just too drunk, stupid, or both to figure it out.

  7. I watched something similar but from a farther distance here in Las Vegas, around 6 years ago. The rapid angular extremely fast movements were no type of aircraft we have. It went on for a couple hours. Watched the next day for anything on the news and nothing was mentioned. I&#39;m sure I was not the only one that saw it.

  8. by far this is very strange isnt there a telephone number to call the air force or military just in case of an emergency who knows what goes on in the middle of the night they have probably already landed and have stolen hundreds of items it seems even stranger that they just keep flying around and dont make themselves known as to what exactly what it is that they want

    • I think they might not want to.. there are many people out there who would lose their lids if they witnessed something so profound. In other words… What if they are peaceful?

  9. WOW this one is realy cool – the bird/bat theory is a good one my only problem with accepting that and moving on is that you can see some of these objects almost climbing strait up in altitude and pulling off some pretty wild manuvers not to mention they seem to be flying extreamly high that make me think thats not wat these are and if they are birds wouldnt they be there everyday or for that

  10. I love this .And I have been doing a lot of research on these ORB&quot;s They have been seen all over the world ,Not just in Vegas, Just bring it up on the computer there are lot&#39;s of videos of these lights ,Thank you for your wonderful video

  11. I have seen this on one occasion but not this many . . . I also believe what I saw was just some bird trying to feed on insects attracted by the very bright light . . .

  12. Of course not everyone will believe what I&#39;m about to say but Imma say it anyways. Sometimes the reason only one or a few people can see these things is because they could be angels. Not everyone can see them. But then again it could be the birds, bats, and incects or even an &quot;alien aircraft.&quot; either way it was a UFO

  13. I dont think that these lights are actual genuine flying saucers….even though they are very impressive…Are there any pilots flying out of Vegas that can confirm the presents of these lights over the Luxer? If so, maybe they would like to comment or share their experience

  14. As a las vegas native.. 1) pilots dont fly low enough to be able to verify anything over the luxor 2) pilots avoid the luxor because the light itself 3) it is bats, not birds. Bats in the springtime always do this around both the luxor light and the MGM Grand. If you go to hoover dam you will see similar phenomenon. 4) a number to call the military.. the luxor is 5 minutes from McCarran

    • thank you for your input – as intresting as this footage is im going to put a case closed stamp on this one do to your coment – all i needed was a local to give me the low down and you def seem to know your stuff – even so id still like to see another video example of this &quot;bat phenomina&quot; cuz it looks awsome -thanx again matt_bpd

  15. Bats. We get them every year. If you head out West and North of town, you will be more likely to see something truly impressive. I have seen things close up, and from a distance that can truly described as UFOs. These however are identified and are bats. If you had walked up to the Luxor you would have seen that these are clearly bats feeding on the insects that are attracted to the light.

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