Unknown flashing lights over Hialeah, Florida 10-Mar-2012

UFO videos – Possible footage of flashing unidentified flying objects in the night sky above Hialeah in Florida. This was taken on 10th March 2012.
Witness report: Went out unto the balcony and noticed a large number of red orbs in the sky, some moving slowly from side to side and others staying stationary. When I first noticed them there were more than 20 orbs. I scrambled in the house trying to find my camera, when I came back some of the orbs had disappeared but there were still quite a few left and I managed to video tape them. At some points throughout the video, I point out a few helicopters making their way towards the lights. However as quickly as they had appeared, they disappeared. And only 1 or 2 orbs were left and they eventually faded away as well.

My camera is not HD so this video is the best I could do. I’m not sure what I saw but I gotta say it was really cool. This was filmed from my apartments balcony behind McDonald’s Park in Hialeah, Florida.

I’m not the only person who saw them I texted a friend after I filmed this and she told me her and her family saw the red lights too.
Author: James
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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