UFO ships over United States

TV report by Jaime Maussan and Marilu Carrillo about the UFO activity over all over United States in March 2012.

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  1. This is in Florida NOT all over the US , AND THE mEXICAN guy has been proven a fraud over and over , not the best guy to have in your video if you are serious

  2. If this kind of excitement is generated from just lights in the sky, we're a long way from them showing up in person. Humans don't comprehend the levels of sensitivity, or what might be called 'psycho-spiritual' technology, involved with the 'phenomena' we call ET. Human emotions are still very unrefined and out of control in comparison.

  3. That is so frigen BULLSHIT if it's a UFO why can't you see some background like stars in the sky or buildings or tree's ? And why is it bopping about?

    • how are u so sure ? i bet u looked at the sky and there was nights u couldn's see stars… but you could see airplanes right ? sorry but stop being a jackass, yes it is possible, and those videos, are originals, not edited movies…. now the only thing missing to explain is WTF WAS THAT, was it really a ufo ? if it was from the images, i think they were learning our alphabet they showed in a

  4. If it looks like a duck, waddels like a duck, quacks like a duck,swims like a duck most of you would say it cant possibly be a duck. Wise up folks, they are and always have been here.

  5. i cant belive there talking bad about my boy jamie discredit is a well known tactic of gov and big biz partner that with mad at the world internet trolls and you would think that 1+1=2 is a lie lol – im trecers biggest fan that dosnt mean i have to belive everything they put out i take whatever information i can use for my own research and just keep my mind open – i look at it like this 1 law of

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