Latest 2012 crop circles: Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic and UK

New crop circles 2012 reports from all over the Europe:

  • May 14: Uhřice in Zdanice, Czech Republic

  • May 16: Figline Valdarno, Firenze, Italy and Hoeven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

  • May 19: Uffington White Horse near Woolstone in Oxfordshire, UK

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  1. why are these crop circle videos so brief and so much time given to slick change overs rather than the actual circle? I used to think it was to get us to go to the site, but it's the same thing there? I really would appreciate a logical answer as I am not just complaining for no reason. thanks

  2. I can't believe people still think theses are real…Why would aliens travel to Earth just to draw crop circles? Come on, get real people!

  3. Anyone can make crop circles with planks of wood and a bit of rope .easy.All crop circles are just that…fakes

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