Unknown lights filmed over Milford, Pennsylvania 19-May-2012

UFO sightings – Strange UFO activity was recorded in the night sky above Milford in Pennsylvania on Saturday, 19th May 2012.
Witness report: weird lights in the sky in Milford, PA. They look like stars at first but it was a crystal clear night. You could see every star in the sky but they are so small that my camera doesnt even pick them up. These were large bright objects moving slowly to the left. No noise. And they had a orange, flickering type appearance. I believe some of them even dissapeared in a flash. Hard to tell they are moving in the pic…but in person they were all moving in a clear path accross the sky. When the seem to “squiggle” in the sky thats just me moving my camera. And the noise in the background is a Motorcycle that came across….completely oblivious to the lights in the sky lol
Author (lisah6083 @ youtube)

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  1. the footage looks real, but it could just be chinese lanterns. also; the "your opinion?" vote thing should really have a "dont know" too.

  2. seen ones similar in colour from around the world more e.t. proof alien controlled craft taking bigtime interest in our small buut amazing planet.thanks for good video .

  3. Sorry, they are just Chinese Lanterns – we get them all of the time in the UK. They are orange due to the flame, move slowly in the same direction due to the wind and then suddenly disappear when they burn out…

  4. I beleive there will never be government disclosure on the ufo subject because no one knows what ufos really are!<br />The ufos ephemeral nature and absolute unpredictability leaves a sour taste in the mouth of science.Its much easier for them to ignore the maddening raft of impossible happenings and hope they might just go away one day…

  5. i&#39;ve lived in Pa most of my life i have never seen anything in the local or bigger city stores that resemble chinese lanterns

  6. Saw the same thing from my marina on lake wallepaupack last weekend. they were chinese lanters from a wedding in hawley

  7. I saw an object like a saucer with silver striking material hovering above my apartment. A humming sound was heard while the saucer stationed above my apartment. The object disappeared right in front my eyes. This is pretty amazing.

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